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Saturday, August 29, 2015

Best Alexa optimization tips in 2015

It has been more than 1 year I have written my last article on Alexa. So, this article will be a guide on new strategies relevant to the Alexa ranking after the update of 2015. Although most of the basics has not changed, there are set of new tips you need to understand to avoid low ranking with this. 

I have worked with 10 -20 websites recently to reduce their Alexa ranking. Except the one site which took me around 50 days, I have reduced the rank of every site below the level of the 1,000,000 with in 30days. This gave me much experience on the new Alexa systems, ranking the websites. As mentioned earlier though basic methods of submission of site, installation of alexa tool bar and other simple things are not changed they have added lot of new ranking systems to your site.

This would be the best guideline of Alexa in internet.

New assessing methods of Alexa

Yes, as you all know they give you both the Global rank and local rank. Except that, there are several other important features too. These include bounce rate, daily time on site, basic keywords, amount of external backlinks which will be seen to exterior.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate is a very important feature for important and real website. This means how many visitors leave your site just as they reach there. So if you are having high bounce- rate, that means your content is not relevant to your keywords, topic or etc. Unless, it might be just a spamy site. 

So usually you have to keep your bounce rate around 20-30. This is a good figure. I have seen some site with even better bounce rate. So all will depends on what you have in the site. I is now recommended that your visitors need to be in your site more than 30s.

To keep the bounce rate low, please follow these steps;
1. Remove all unnecessary Javascripts, audio files from your site.
2. Make your site attracted to your reader with the 1st instant
3. Always write relevant things
4. Add several internal links to your articles 
5. Add additional things like videos to keep your viewers in much time. 

Daily visitors

If your site is important and with real visitors, they may come to your site on and off. At least 10-20% will be back. So, you need to keep your site going and need to share important things daily. Unless you will loose this figure.

Daily time on site

I hope this is the time a visitor spends on your site. If you see the analytics, you would see there are visitors fro 10s to hours. So if an average visitor remain some time it is very good.

External links to the site

As same as each and other web ranking system calculate how many backlinks to your site is seen n other sites. As I have mentioned in my last articles it is actually not the quantity. That is the quality of backlinks.

I have shown that previously too. Although you have thousand of spammy backlinks, you might not have great Alexa rank.

If your site contains good amount of active backlinks, .gov and .edu backlinks or any important set of backlinks from highly important site, you would get the priority from Alexa.

Step wise guide to have good Alexa ranking in 3 months

1. Start writing regularly.
Regular writing helps you to attract regular views and regular traffic. So such regular repeated traffic would help you in getting better rank.

2. Start posting on social sites on and off.

Yes, Social sites are the key here. With the help of social sites, you may attract the ideal group for you business/ site. So use such sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and else. 

3. Spend more time with the site daily.

If you spend your time daily, you will get more chance to attract new customers, reduce the bounce rate and else.

4. Keep your readers active.

Active readers mean more time on sites. Then you would get adequate traffic and good bounce rate which will improve the ranking.

5. Let your readers get updates on email, blog roll or else.

E-mail marketing and syndicating with other sites is also a very important factor. This will help to attract the ideal set of readers.

6. Submit your site to active set of directories or syndicating sites.

Also very important trick. With the help of this you will get active backlinks from sites with good alexa.

With these you would get your site into the top of the alexa soon. Also I would like know your questions and success with these tips.

If you do not have much time to spend of optimization of your site ranking I will be there for your help. Please contact me.

Please follow these rules if you are ordering the alexa optimization

1. Register with the this link (new comers would get 5$ cup on - limited offer)
2. Order my service 
3. Enter the cup-on cord (after you register I will send the cup on to you )

So work fast to get both these offers soon. 

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Impact of social media marketing on search engine Optimization (SEO)

Effect of Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and other social media on SEO

The Social media and the SEO are two different categories of topic in the internet. However for the bloggers and web masters like me, it is not a two. Most of the time, I may concern it as a one for the benefit of me. However , before coming to the proper part I would like to introduce the SEO and the social media in a different categories for the  convenience of the readers.

What is a Social media?

In the simple term, social media is a place or platform in the internet that you can use to gather with other people. As an example Facebook is the widely used and well known social media all over the world. In addition to that we can concern on Twitter, Google +, You Tube and number of social media in the internet. However, I like to stress you about the Blogger which has forgotten to most of the bloggers although they use it widely.

What is the SEO?

SEO or the Search Engine Optimization is the term used for identify the process of activities which will improve your search engine visibility. This is normally done by number of ways and means including link building, search engine submission, advertisements, Meta tags etc. I think the most part of the SEO will done by these things, but it cannot be forgotten that social sharing and the social media will help you to index your page in Google lot.

What is the usage of social media in the SEO process?

1.    Induce the search engines to index your site fast.

 If you just started a blog today, what is the next step of you? I think promotion is the most                 important thing regarding your next priority. Although we know that Google takes two three days to add your site to the search result, we cannot wait for people to come through search engines. Most of the time our goal is to get some people through social sites. There Google+ , Facebook will help you to get traffic through your friends. Therefore you will get some traffic to your site. This will not only cause certain traffic to generate but also induce search engines to index your page or site

2.    Allow you to make a certain group of readers.

After the indexing of the site on the Google the next important thing is to have a set of regular uses. There also the social media can play a main role in the creation of the readers. These readers not only read, they come through search engine and share link though their social media sites. This will helps in generating more and more readers for your blog or web sites.

3.    Improve your Google PR.

We always talks about the page ranking on SEO because the ultimate goal of us in doing SEO is to get good Page Rank and good traffic. In there also, the function of the social media is very important.  If you have fan page with high number of fans, you will experience this very well.

4.    Allow you to get backlinks in high PR site.

Although most people try to build unnecessary and ineffective black hated black links in different ways, it is very difficult to get good and working backlinks from other site. If we talk about Facebook, Google Plus, Twitter and the other social Medias, most of they have page rank above 7-8. Facebook have even 9-10. So getting a blacklink from such site can surely induce your page rank.

5.    Helps to index in the page in search results

If you search a certain page in the interenet you can find some results comes through the social media. It means that the social media have helps to index your site in search engines.  This will work as a good link on search results to improve your site results.

However you find out another number of importances of it. But I am not accepting the social media spamming for generate good page rank and the traffic. It will surely harm you. Therefore try to use it acceptably and appropriately.

Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to get rid of Spam comments on Blog

Effect of Spam Comments in SEO

I think now a days spam comments in the blogs are very common problem among the most of the bloggers. Because, most people wants to increase their page rank , getting the backlinks from some other sites. Although all over the internet spamming is a very common misuse, you can not stop in that point without doing any thing for the protection of your blog. The reason why I mention like that you will have to face lot of bad consequences of it. Spamming will damage your page ranking anything else.

What is the problems associate with spam comments?

According to the mails most of the bloggers suffer a lot with this problem. This is because spammers damage not only their reputation, there page ranking, but also they even harm the site. The reason for this problem is that if you get uncontrolled spam comments, Google and other search engines will remove your site thinking that it is also a spam site. Because, if you control the site well and visit frequently t o it you will remove all of them. Persistence of them means that you are not concern on your site and not maintaining that well. Therefore you have to maintain the out bound links with the comments well.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

How to remove duplicated (double) post from the blog template

way to Blogging

I think you may have experienced this problem at least in one day of life if you are a blogger. That is the duplication of the blog template after some changes to the blogger template. Duplication of article widget is mostly caused after  adding a custom template to the blog. The problem here is that the additional post widget is added to your blog template while you are adding a custom template to your blog. Therefore you are in a trouble with this template and your readers will see your blog as ugly and untidy blog.

There are two distinct variants of this. That is the duplication of the article column or the duplication of articles in single article column. Simply it is like this if you get a duplicated article column, you will see a template with repeating article in  a following way
Post 1, Post 2, Post 3, Post 1, Post 2, Post 3

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Shutting down of the AdBrite Exchanger

Adbrite was a one of the best online earning option for most of the bloggers and web masters. It was the one of the best AdSense alternative too. The site was working pretty good and the payments were done until now routinely. However at the end of the January the company mentioned that they are going to shut down the company.

When the shutting down occur.....?

According to the Emails send by the company it is mentioned that they will close the company at the end of the January(February 1st). By now the URL( of them is not working and it gives a clue of their shut down has done already.

Causes for the shut down of AdBrite

They have not mentioned any specific reason for the shut down yet. Also they paid their publishers well with out scamming up to now. So, their is no any clues about brake down of their business.

What happen to the publishers....?

There were thousands of publishers who have join handed with the business. The company already issued 40 millions so far for their publishers. But, what happens to the publishers is a big problem. Surely you may have to find good alternative for AdBrite soon.

Saturday, December 29, 2012

11 ways how to earn more than 1000$ with Facebook

E money - 03

Facebook is a great place enjoy for most of the people through out the world. They simply chatting, playing Facebook games like Farm ville, City ville , Barn body, Empire & Alliance or Mafia world & etc. But you earn nothing more than the wasting of the time and the little pleasure you get from them. Most of the time what you do is making money for others. So stop it today itself and just plan any new methods for you to earn money with others.

As I mentioned earlier Facebook is a very good potential place if you try to earn money. As we know if we have a blog we can earn directly from the advertising on our blog with Adsense, Adbrite, Chithika, Info-link or etc. But the problem here is you can not earn through direct advertising on Facebook. Because Facebook has not introduced such kind of feature to the Facebook users yet. But it will be surely on near future.

Today we are going to talk about set of such methods.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Best alternative for Microworkers : Microjob sites

Microworkers - 3

We have discussed about Microworkers as one of the best micro-job sites earlier. However the amount of money that you may get from such site may be less compare to Google AdSense advertisements.Therefore today we concern on set of micro job site as alternatives for Microworkers. These may be helpful for you to earn large sum of money until your Adsense account grows. These set of sites may be helpful for you to earn money through article writing, Facebook likes, Social sharing, install software, watch Youtube videos, comments and etc like small jobs.
Register microworkers here