Saturday, August 29, 2015

Best Alexa optimization tips in 2015

It has been more than 1 year I have written my last article on Alexa. So, this article will be a guide on new strategies relevant to the Alexa ranking after the update of 2015. Although most of the basics has not changed, there are set of new tips you need to understand to avoid low ranking with this. 

I have worked with 10 -20 websites recently to reduce their Alexa ranking. Except the one site which took me around 50 days, I have reduced the rank of every site below the level of the 1,000,000 with in 30days. This gave me much experience on the new Alexa systems, ranking the websites. As mentioned earlier though basic methods of submission of site, installation of alexa tool bar and other simple things are not changed they have added lot of new ranking systems to your site.

This would be the best guideline of Alexa in internet.

New assessing methods of Alexa

Yes, as you all know they give you both the Global rank and local rank. Except that, there are several other important features too. These include bounce rate, daily time on site, basic keywords, amount of external backlinks which will be seen to exterior.

Bounce rate

Bounce rate is a very important feature for important and real website. This means how many visitors leave your site just as they reach there. So if you are having high bounce- rate, that means your content is not relevant to your keywords, topic or etc. Unless, it might be just a spamy site. 

So usually you have to keep your bounce rate around 20-30. This is a good figure. I have seen some site with even better bounce rate. So all will depends on what you have in the site. I is now recommended that your visitors need to be in your site more than 30s.

To keep the bounce rate low, please follow these steps;
1. Remove all unnecessary Javascripts, audio files from your site.
2. Make your site attracted to your reader with the 1st instant
3. Always write relevant things
4. Add several internal links to your articles 
5. Add additional things like videos to keep your viewers in much time. 

Daily visitors

If your site is important and with real visitors, they may come to your site on and off. At least 10-20% will be back. So, you need to keep your site going and need to share important things daily. Unless you will loose this figure.

Daily time on site

I hope this is the time a visitor spends on your site. If you see the analytics, you would see there are visitors fro 10s to hours. So if an average visitor remain some time it is very good.

External links to the site

As same as each and other web ranking system calculate how many backlinks to your site is seen n other sites. As I have mentioned in my last articles it is actually not the quantity. That is the quality of backlinks.

I have shown that previously too. Although you have thousand of spammy backlinks, you might not have great Alexa rank.

If your site contains good amount of active backlinks, .gov and .edu backlinks or any important set of backlinks from highly important site, you would get the priority from Alexa.

Step wise guide to have good Alexa ranking in 3 months

1. Start writing regularly.
Regular writing helps you to attract regular views and regular traffic. So such regular repeated traffic would help you in getting better rank.

2. Start posting on social sites on and off.

Yes, Social sites are the key here. With the help of social sites, you may attract the ideal group for you business/ site. So use such sites like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube and else. 

3. Spend more time with the site daily.

If you spend your time daily, you will get more chance to attract new customers, reduce the bounce rate and else.

4. Keep your readers active.

Active readers mean more time on sites. Then you would get adequate traffic and good bounce rate which will improve the ranking.

5. Let your readers get updates on email, blog roll or else.

E-mail marketing and syndicating with other sites is also a very important factor. This will help to attract the ideal set of readers.

6. Submit your site to active set of directories or syndicating sites.

Also very important trick. With the help of this you will get active backlinks from sites with good alexa.

With these you would get your site into the top of the alexa soon. Also I would like know your questions and success with these tips.

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