Saturday, June 22, 2013

How to get rid of Spam comments on Blog

Effect of Spam Comments in SEO

I think now a days spam comments in the blogs are very common problem among the most of the bloggers. Because, most people wants to increase their page rank , getting the backlinks from some other sites. Although all over the internet spamming is a very common misuse, you can not stop in that point without doing any thing for the protection of your blog. The reason why I mention like that you will have to face lot of bad consequences of it. Spamming will damage your page ranking anything else.

What is the problems associate with spam comments?

According to the mails most of the bloggers suffer a lot with this problem. This is because spammers damage not only their reputation, there page ranking, but also they even harm the site. The reason for this problem is that if you get uncontrolled spam comments, Google and other search engines will remove your site thinking that it is also a spam site. Because, if you control the site well and visit frequently t o it you will remove all of them. Persistence of them means that you are not concern on your site and not maintaining that well. Therefore you have to maintain the out bound links with the comments well.

Sometimes you may think that why I am getting this much of spam comments? The reason is the inadequate knowledge of most of the webmasters on link building. Getting thousands of links does not mean that you would get good position in page ranking next time. It only means you have links. The reason for that is to get good position you should have relevant and appropriate links which generate good traffic to your site. As an example if you write on health tips niche, you should not get links from sites like blog tips. There is no relevance between them.

Other types of people who try to spamming are webmasters with sex, drugs or casino sites. They can not get links normally from well established blogs. As a result they are trying to spam in all over the internet.
Whatever happens, it is the owner of the blog who have to face the consequence. Therefore you have to realize that making comments linking blogs inappropriately will damage both the spammer and the webmaster.

How to stop spam comments?

Knowing that spam comments are dangerous you can get several precautions to tackle this problem.

1. Asked not to spam in all your blog posts.

Your comment box is to do a good discussion after the post. I have seen some blogs with even 50 comments but no spams. This is because they asked not to spam on there and make a good discussion with appropriate links.
As a example you can make a comment of this post about how to optimize the comment box appropriate for spam protection. Then you will get good traffic without harming both

2. Check for the comments daily.

I you have a time you can manually remove unnecessary comments which harm you. However this is quite difficult and inappropriate system.

3. Use security methods for commenting.

There are number of methods to secure from inappropriate comments. This include uses of captcha , block comments from inappropriate persons like anonymous. However this will damage your number of comments. Some people do not like to show their names in comments. So, it can cause reduction of both good and bad comments.

If you have adequate number of registered users, you can even allow comments only for registered users.

4. Remove do-follow backlinks from you comments.

Some of the bloggers and web masters have allow the people to do comments in their sites with do-follow backlinks. This may increase their comments. However it also damages if it is inappropriate link. So you can change your comment box to do-follow to no-follow. This will guide you to do it.

5. Remove the backlinks from comments.

If have seen blogs that have only URLs on comments but not the links, they have follow this kind of method. This will safe for keep the traffic same, get all the comments and get banded form search links. You can do this by changing the settings on the comments on blogger
However, it is not that nice to keep thousands of comments which make your post not nice.

6. Use comment modification method.

This is the most effective and what I am using regarding the spam comments. If you make this correct you can decide what comment will publish and what will not.

You can make this by going to the Dashboard > Settings > Comments > Comments modification.
Here you can select the modification always or sometimes, also you have to make the number of days after when you want to modification should do. If you select a number you can only modify it after that. However if is quite important to allow your readers to make a discussion even when you are not available. If you want to do it your self they set it as 0.

I think you may have got adequate knowledge about commenting and link building here. So, do not do spamming; only use links which are necessary and important. Also try to get protected from spammers.


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