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Best alternative for Microworkers : Microjob sites

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We have discussed about Microworkers as one of the best micro-job sites earlier. However the amount of money that you may get from such site may be less compare to Google AdSense advertisements.Therefore today we concern on set of micro job site as alternatives for Microworkers. These may be helpful for you to earn large sum of money until your Adsense account grows. These set of sites may be helpful for you to earn money through article writing, Facebook likes, Social sharing, install software, watch Youtube videos, comments and etc like small jobs.
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1. Microworkers

I think from all micro job sites my first choice is Microworkers.  It is good site with almost 100% possitive feed backs. And the most important thing here is you can earn lot as it has lot of job available. Other important thing is a it is a legit site which has provided payments regularly. You can get your payments when you complete your amount up to 10$.
Google Page Rank - 4/10
Alexa Rank            - 5,203

Now I think you can see why I mentioned that the Microworkers is the best. To get more detail visit these links.
What is microworkers.........?
How to earn from Microworkers......?
How to earn more money with Microworkers......? 

2. Mturk

Mechanical Turk or MTurk is a web site govern by Amozon. As same as microworkers there you can earn significant amount of money from one day. So, even though you can not get rich from one day, it is also a good microworkers alternative site. There you may ask to complete task like survey, comment on picture, giving a Facebook like,  like small jobs. If you have time you may earn enough some of money here.
Google Page Rank - -/10
Alexa Rank            - 7,483

Other important thing of this is that you have a enough number of earning oppertunities here and you can earn as much as you have time. This is the important of this compared to Microworkers. So this is good Microworkers alternative. There is no minimum payout in this site. But they cut 4$ 0f your earning when they give the check.
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3. Minuteworkers

This is also another alternative site for Microworkers. I think it is better, if you can try for this one too. However some people saying that it has become a scam. Therefore you better try with your own risk. However I think the site has now come with form and paypal payment method which were not there earlier. So I think we can hope it will be successful again. Now you can get pain even when you complete 2$ via Pay Pal.

Google Page Rank - 3/10
Alexa Rank              - 38,040
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4. Rapidworkers

Rapid workers is also a good microworkers alternative site for earning money. Also it is a good alternative to minuteworkers and MTurk too. It has similar template to Microworkers and has the same function to it

Google Page Rank - 3/10
Alexa Rank              - 228,899

They pays when your account fullfil the amount of 4$ via paypal. Getting payments is very easy than microworker the minimum payment is 10$.
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5. Short task

Lot of people using this site for their online money making activities. This contains the same format of the Amozon Mturk. However, what I got to know during seaching is that it is a scam site. Lot of people have proved that. But you can earn with it with your own risk.

Google Page Rank - 4/10
Alexa Rank              - 65,863

Is short task is legit....?

6. Minijobs

 This also a site to Microworkers and Rapidworkers. But this has very low minimum pay out.that is 5$. This is a safe site to use and has set of alternative methods of payments including pay-pal.

Google Page Rank - 2/10
Alexa Rank              -313,130

I think this list of micro-job site might be helpful for you. I think if you have not started working on these site you should start with them sooon to multiple your earning. If you are doing something other than Microworkers like Minuteworkers, Rapidworkers, Mturk or etc ,this is also will helpful for you to have good earning.

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