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11 ways how to earn more than 1000$ with Facebook

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Facebook is a great place enjoy for most of the people through out the world. They simply chatting, playing Facebook games like Farm ville, City ville , Barn body, Empire & Alliance or Mafia world & etc. But you earn nothing more than the wasting of the time and the little pleasure you get from them. Most of the time what you do is making money for others. So stop it today itself and just plan any new methods for you to earn money with others.

As I mentioned earlier Facebook is a very good potential place if you try to earn money. As we know if we have a blog we can earn directly from the advertising on our blog with Adsense, Adbrite, Chithika, Info-link or etc. But the problem here is you can not earn through direct advertising on Facebook. Because Facebook has not introduced such kind of feature to the Facebook users yet. But it will be surely on near future.

Today we are going to talk about set of such methods.

What are the ways of earning through Facebook

1.       Start your own business.

As I mentioned earlier it is highly potential market place. Whatever you like can be find on Facebook as same as places like eBay. So start your own business today itself. It may be an eBook, toy, technical help or what ever

2.       Start marketing place for other business.

I you have a group or specially page with about 100,000 members you can easily start marketing others items. This may either by making advertises of them or directly posting the links of them. If you start a market place for mobile phones, then you can get more ads from relevant shops. This may not for global business, but you can start such for your area.

3.       Join to the affiliate marketing programs.

Other important thing in Facebook is that we can use it as a great place for our affiliate marketing programs. Just start work with some places like EBay or any other. You would see a huge increase in your affiliate earning with in soon period with this.

4.       Share your blog links with URL shortening methods.  

Most of the bloggers normally uses the URL shortening methods like or Adfocus. If you try to make them effectively you can earn about 4$-5$ per 10,000 visits. If you want to earn from large amounts just start sharing links for software download, Film download or etc.
But if you try to just post such link you would not able to post the links through Facebook just try to post another way. (This has happen very recently due to the unlimited spamming on Facebook.). More about how to use Facebook for If you have any problem with posting links visit here to know how to post links on Facebook..?

5.       Start a blog on Facebook.

If you are an expert on Facebook, you can just start a blog on Facebook.  After you get good position about the Facebook you will get adequate ads about the Facebook services like smiles, chat-rooms etc.

6.       Start work with Fiverr.

If you are good social media expert you can find lots of jobs on Fiverr, and most of such site. For work on Fiverr you should just have a good Facebook account with adequate number of members. It is better if you have at least about 2000 to 3000. There you can do jobs like giving likes to Facebook page, add member to a group, etc.

7.       Start work with oDesk.

If you have a group or page with large number of followers, you can do more and more jobs in oDesk. There you may ask to do regular posting on your page like very simple works. But for them initially, you have a good group.

8.       Work with Micro-job sites.

Microjob sites also are potentially good place to earn adequate number of money for your pocket. Here you can see number of such sites and how to work with them. I prefer f you use different Facebook account for these sites.

9.       Sell your Facebook pages / Groups.

I think some people are practice this methods for earning money. Although I have not practice I assume that it may be also good idea to earn. First make profile with at least 2000- 3000 members. Then try to make some page with 1000 like. It may be a big task for you. But if you try there are an enough number of people to buy them.

10.   Join Facebook applications.

If you find for Facebook applications to earn, there are number of applications. But I could not find some important applications recently. But there were set of them earlier. Facebook may have deleted them. If I get them surely I will update a list.

11.   Make Facebook applications.

As Farm ville, Barn buddy like Facebook applications, you also can make such with even with little knowledge on them. Try them and you will see them are very easy methods to earn.

Although Facebook does not give chance to direct advertising on the page to users, they have started shown ads with Ad choice. So we will able to try it very soon. Still that I think you may better to practice with out wasting your time with Facebook. There are no limits to your earnings. So start your earning on Facebook today onwards.

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