Sunday, November 18, 2012

Is the program scam or legit....? (has adfly become scam) - 01

While doing research on Internet to find some money making sites until my AdSense account works good, I found some micro-job, URL shorting programs, referral programs, affiliate marketing programs and even games. So I tried to work for finding out are these sites really legit sites or these are set of scam sites where the most people get disappointed. So, today my concern in on Adfly ad network. This is a URL shortening and sharing method and you can earn through those URLs. It is very easy site for work. Then I saw
 Whether is a paying site........?

 Whether is showing payment profs........?
 Are there any person who has got paid correctly by
 Is the have acceptable credit limit..........?
 What are the methods of payments by
 How the workers can contact the admins of Adfly......?
 What are the things saying by forums about

Is the adfly a paying site.....?

In the Internet there are hundreds of money making sites. But according to my knowledge, most of them are scam site. They do not paying the workers or the publishers of their sites properly. The reason why is that most of them are starting just for money and not for the benefits of the publishers and their advertisers. So it is important to investigate the the capability of their payments and the way of their payments.
So when we investigate about the site. It is saying that it pays 4$/ 5$ per 1000 clicks. You may think that it is not a good amount of money. But compared to the other sites which do the same service it not too bad. I think just making few URLs, you can earn more and more.
Other complain of the publishers is that is not giving the same amount of money as they mentioned. But as I have identified they are paying correctly. But it is different according to the country. If you will get 1000 clicks from US, you will get the same amount of money as they mention. If it is country like India it may be bit lower.
Here is a list of amounts paying according to the country.

United States$5.01$3.12$0.81$0.57
United Kingdom$5.07$3.32$0.77$0.50
                                                (these rates are rate on 2012 October)

 Is showing payment profs.....?

The shortest answer is yes. I have met number of people who have got the payments from Also I can show you a payment prof shown by my friend, until I will get the payments.

Are there people who have paid correctly by

Yes, as I have mentioned earlier I have good set of people who have got paid. They are paying when your account successfully completes the 5$ level. and the payment is done beginning of every month. 

Is the Adfly have accepted credit limit....?'s payment level is 5$. If you have complete the 5$ limit by the end of the month, you will be paid at the next month. I think it is a good level of payments. Because, most of the site paying their payments at the level of 10$. So this is acceptable limit of payment.

What are the payment methods of ....?

Adfly has two payment methods. those are Pay-Pal and Alert-pal.  you can get paid at the end of each month if you have fulfilled the lowest amout. That is 5$.

How the publishers of adfly can contact the admin......? has a great method to contact its admin. That is through the email and forum. The forum is a great source for your questions.

Conclusions: is not a scam site. It has ability to pay its publishers and have great way of solving problem. Also using of Pay pal and Alert pal is properly done to payments. 

At last I recommend you to get registered there from this link to . Do not shrink any URL without registering. If you do so you will not get paid even though you are getting a set of short URL services. I think its better you to follow this link too to confirm my conclusion. We will discuss about the ways and means of earning trough Adfly next article.

This article is on the current status on the Adfly advertising network. According to this it is working properly and a legit site. It does not mean that It will not be a scam later. Therefore the publisher has no responsibility on that. However, we are always keep in touch to inform you about the updates.  

Wish you all will be lucky with adfly.

For further reference;
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