Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to add a image link to your blog post.....?

Way to Blogging - 10

I think we have completed set of simple but important set of articles on maintaining a blog. I think those may be very important for you to have a quality blog. So from start we have discussed,how to start a blog to how to convert it to money making site. So this is about making your site more attractive by adding a image link.

What is the importance of image link....?

When creating a web site we have to make link to show the correct direction to our readers about the relevant pages or articles. Those may be do-follow or no-follow links. Sometimes we use them as a links to our advertisements or affiliate sites. Whatever be the purpose adding a image link is very important part of blogging. So I think we can talk about how to add image link to your blog by this article. However to get more people to your site, I think you have to follow some other tricks too There are some important tricks to make your blog attractive.

How to add an image link to your site....?

For adding of image to your site, first you should have an image. So first upload the image to your blog as a draft. Here inserting of image is done simple as you upload image to blog post.

1. Go to Dashboard.

2. Select new post.

3. Upload the picture you want.

4. Save the post.

Now we have uploaded our picture to the blog. The next step is to add the image link to the post.
5. First go to the dashboard a open the draft post in separate tab.

6. Then try copy the URL of the image.

7. Come to the main post.

8. Go to the HTML part

9. Add following HTML Script to your HTML post

    <br /> <a href="your-URL" img src="URL- of-drafted-image" width="width-of-image" height="height-of-image"></a> <br />                                                                                                                                        

10. Now edit the coloured URLs with your URLs and adjust the widths if you like to keep them. Unless you can remove that part from your script.

11. Now select the compose area and see how it look like.

So I think you are satisfied with the article. If you want to get some idea about important things regarding blogging visit this link.

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