Thursday, November 22, 2012

8 ways how to Earn large some of money with - 02

Do you need find some additional money in addition to AdSense or Micro job sites....? I think earning with URL shorting services is a great alternative method of earn money other than AdSense or other earning methods. Today I am going to talk about a good URL shorting method called . You may think that why I am saying this is a good method. The reason is that Adfly is not a scam and it is a legit site. See is the is a scam...? here.
As mentioned earlier it is a legit site and pays about 4$ /1000 views. Sometimes it may be a dream for you to have 1000 ad views per day. However, with some tricks you may be able to get even 2000 views per day. Even if you do not have adequate number of daily.

Do you need web site to earn money with

As the publishers mentions this is a good way of earning money with your web site or blog. However according to me it is not true. If you have creative thinking and adequate exposure with friends and social media it is an easy task even without a blog or web site.

How to get Short URL from

You can log in to here easily and start earning money easily. For that follow above link and visit the site and register. Then start your work to shrink (short) the URLs. Always remember to log in with adfly before URL shorting.

What are the ways of maximize earning...?

1. Always log in to adfly before get URLs. is a URL shinker as same as the money maker. If you not log properly before making URL, you will loose the money generated from your URL. Because does not require any log in before earning. So keep in mind to log in to before making URLs.

2. Share the URLs on Facebook.

As we know Facebook is great way to share your URLs. So try to use it adequately for your earnings. Here, Sharing link in both your profile and Facebook groups with large members will increase your earnings dramatically. So always try to share your link with adfly URLs. Here, even if you do not have website or blog account with  good traffic, you can earn with sharing others interesting URLs with your friends on Facebook.

Note: Due to the higher spamming rate Facebook have block all the URLs with Therefore you have to do it in another way. I will discuss how to share URLs with Facebook in next post. So keep in touch until that.

3. Twitte our links in twitter.

As same as the Facebook twitter have more power in earning money. Most of the time it is used in business society a lot. Therefore you will earn large money with twitter. Also it is important to remember that twitter has not yet blocked the Adfly. Therefore you can use it with out any problem.

Note: Although twitter allows adfly links, if you only do sharing of adfly links your account will be surely banned. Therefore always share some other things with twitter too.

4. Post your links on Forums.

If you find forums on your niche, you can see thousands of active members are there. If you share a link with some answer to a question, they will surely visit your URL. So by doing so indirectly they make money for you.

5. Use referral program to earn money.

As same as the other money making sites has a referral program which gives you about 20% of referrals. So this is really a good method of earning too. Because you can induce you friends for follow you referral link and earn. If you have not good social support or blog about money making, it is somewhat difficult to get good number of referrals.

6. Use banner form too.

Normally pays bit less for banner ads than short URLs. Therefore some publishers not like to use adfly banners in their blogs. However, If you use banners it will be more attractive than links. Therefore you may get high number of clicks for them.

7. Use short URLs for all out bound link.

In most of my post I usually give several out bound link to show better articles on that topic. So if you have 3 such links you will earn about 3000 ad views when  your article reaches 1000 views. So you earn about 12$ from that article simply. So try to practice such methods on your blog too.

8. Convert all your links for links.

Using of full page script in your blog is also a nice way to earn larger. This will increase your earning more and more. As example it  may increase about 20time of your earning. But the thing I hate this is that this may cause significant reduction of your viewers as this cause displaying of add in between all the posts.

To do this you have to visit tools and select full page script and paste it on your template.

The last thing I have to remind you is is useless if you do not try all of these (at least most). Because you earn very less for a one view. But with 3 , 4 month later to adding of adfly URLs on your blog, you will see large increase on your earning after you get large traffic to your article. So be patient.

I have get it know that most of the people who have follow my article has not done good job in Therefore I decided to give them good guidance even after they started the job in For that please contact my email whenever you want to know something important to earn more. Please include your email and ID too. This is my email also follow me in facebook

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