Tuesday, November 20, 2012

12 steps how to get dramatic increasement of your blog comments in week

Way to Blogging - 09

As I have experience number of comments in new blogs are relatively less. It is even less in good and experienced blogs. So I tried to find out what is the cause to have lack of comments on their blogs. This included my blog too in earlier days. After the huge survey, I have found some reasons of lacking of comments. That includes the ineffective in most of the time, the targeted traffic may be another thing, also lack of social interaction on your blog may involved lot. This is mainly due to lack of comments you do on other pages. So first it is important for you to identify the importance of the blog comments. So then only you are getting good amount of comments. Identification of these reasons may helpful for us to solve the problem. That is how to increase the number of comments in your blog posts.

If you see some blogs you may see, huge number of comments. It may even more than 100. Even 200 is possible. Also the important thing there is that all the comments are good quality comments rather than just building a links or spamming comments. Second thing we have to identify is that if we want comments, we can have enough number of spam comments. (Even now a days I am getting more than 100 per post) . But they are useless for both you and your readers. Sometimes they may reduce the quality of your very important article by building irrelevant  links. This may ultimately affects your page ranking too. So Today I am not going to talk about building the spam comments. This is only about building useful and relevant comments.

What are the ways of getting good comments.....?

First thing here I want to know is how many comments you want to be in your post...? Because what I should talk about is depend completely on the answer of yours. I just get it is about 30 to 50 as they may not make you site spam. And before making these tricks please try to make your blog available for anti spam flirtations.



1.Write a unique content

First and foremost thing that should be in post is unique content, It does not matter you are a not great writer, but keep in mind that you should write an interesting and unique content. Unless you only get a part of traffic generate to the relevant key words. So writing a unique content is very important to increase your comments and the traffic.

2.Read relevant articles on the same topic to get an idea

Before you writing an article it is necessary for you to get good knowledge on the field. When you writing the article do not copy the other ones. Just try to write according to your style. Most important thing you have to write is what other people have not written. Because most of the blogs are written on the same things. When you write something interesting they may get interesting on your topic and give some comments.

3.Just keep something to resolve by you

Although most of the time people uses this trip, It is somewhat problematic to readers. Therefore some readers do not like it. But even though the story is so, if your topic is very interesting others will surely comment on you.

4.Make some mistakes

I think some people will hate this trick which may increase the number of comments dramatically. What you have to do here is just make a tiny little mistake. Even if you have done a  tiny little one, there may be thousands of people to say that is wrong. This is how the world is at most of the time. But be careful. Because some mistakes may reduce your professional dignity and reduces the traffic on you.

5.Keep commenting on other people too

I think all you are using the groups shown in Facebook. I have a list of Facebook groups where you can post your links. If you do a survey there about comments, you can see the results of that clearly. Because if you make some comments on someones Facebook link, he will surely give some comments on your links too. This is similarly applicable to blogs too. That is if you are doing comments continuously for few days on someone he will act reciprocally to give comments on you. If you use relevant niche to your blog, most of the time comments will quality ones as most of the time they are experts on that fields.

6.Make interactions with other people writing on similar niche

As mentioned above, combination of similar professionals can improve the quality of both article and readers experience. Because a small comment can improve the validity of the article thousand times. So if you are in the blogger niche,  you can see hundreds of writers from Facebook groups mentioned above.

7.Make sure you are replying all comments

Giving a reply for some ones idea may make them happy to comment again. Even mentioning as "Thank you" may be enough. But I am not doing such little comments as I have to resolve the problems of others. So always remember to give important comment and fulfill the lacks you have made. Unless you are failed as a writer.

8.Remove captcha

Some people get used to use "captcha" as a spam protecting method. As a web master I too no how the spams make use struggle. But most of the time lot of bloggers using very difficult and misleading capta for their comment box. But this reduce your number of comments dramatically. So try to use simple captcha. Even I like not to use them and use comment modification options.

9.Give the commenter to give a link

Most of the people do not likes to help others with out getting anything from others. So I think you may better to use some programs like "commentluv". By this kind of software your users can get backlinks from your article.  They will like it lot.

10.Remove registrations options to comments

I personally do not like to register on any site as they produces lot of spams to my e mail. So you too will think like so. Then please remove those options from your sites. I think allowing anonymous comments may even produce good quality for your site.

11.Allow do-follow comments

Do follow like are the main target of web masters. If you have a blog with do follow comments they will surely give you enough of comments to increase their reputation on Google page ranking. So you can modify your template to do follow comments.  

12. Allow multiple commenting options

I think you may have seen some blogs which contain two comment box. One is provided by your blogger template and other from Facebook. So if you like to make large increasing of your comments Facebook will help lot. Even this option will increase your Facebook fans.

At last I instruct you to have little survey and try your self to increase comments too.


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