Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to increase the Regional Alexa rank.....?

Alexa - 04

If you have read my previous articles, you may have become Alexa specialists already. However there will be several other articles about a Alexa in my next few articles too. These will important to have a nice rank in Alexa, even though it is very difficult to been added to first few websites. Here you have to identify the important tricks that may be missed by others. Today I am going to talk about one of the such trick that is increasing a regional traffic rank of Alexa.

Why it is important to get good regional rank.....?

Due to the high competition in the Internet now it is very difficult to create an Alexa rank less than 100,000 in a short period. At least you may take about 2-3 months to reach it if you follow my previous articles. But you may reach about a rank of 200,000- 300,000 easily. But this also difficult if you have not follow me. So first read my early articles here.

  • As I said it is difficult to get very good global rank. Therefore you can give your focus on one specific country. Then you can start with another. This will ultimately leads to good rank.

  • Other thing I see is you can get the eye contact of local advertiser of that country and earn by direct ads. To that you should have a good local rank.

How to get good local page rank....?

To get a good local rank you should have a good local traffic of that curtain country. For that you have to dedicate some time to get it.

1. Registered as the country that you like to have a good rank.

 If you have registered in Alexa as a curtain country they will first calculate country specific rank that country. If you are a registered member of US Alexa will more concern on US traffic on your blog.

2. Get a country specific domain.

 Having a country specific domain is a good thing to get good country rank
But, this will be somewhat costly and you will be unable to buy a domain like .us .lk .Also some country codes have restrictions by the government.
 But, you can add a country specific name to your title.As example if I want to make a blog on beauty of American wild life, I will take a name like Wild America. Then you can afford it easily.     

3. Post Country of region specific posts.

This would be like this if a person try to search something on their local market, your URL will be the first. Therefore this method is also can used.

4. Get back links on local sites.

 As I have mentioned early posts, Alexa give there more concern on backlinks. Therefore if you like to have good rank of curtain country, you may have to get important set of backlinks.

5. Submit your site to local article directories and syndicates.

 If you registered local blog directories and syndicates you will be getting a considerable amount of visitors through them even if your site is not much famous. According to my experience one of my other blog getting half of its views through the local syndicates. Therefore I like make a collection URLs of local blog syndicates in several countries. If you are like to give me support please send the URLs of the syndicates in your country. As a example I have made a list of Sri Lankan blog syndicates.

6. Exchange your URL on local forums.

 Local forums are the good way to have your traffic. These may be in English or your local language. Whatever it is you can post a link as a answer to a question. Even you can give a link to your site with a post. But all these are restricted to the rules and regulations of that forum. Building a good reputation in local forums will help your site a lot.

7. Post your links on Facebook and local Facebook groups.

If you are having a huge number of people in your Facebook profile you can get some traffic through it too. This also will helps to get good Alexa rank. Also post some link on those groups in your country.

8. Comment on well known sites.

 If you can find set of site where the people visit often, you can give some comments with some professional ideas. After that include your link to with out spamming. By this you will get good rank in two ways. First one is the direct effect of that link and second one is the traffic you get through it.

9. Write on local language.

 Most of the people likes to read the article in their mother-tongue. So if you like to get a good rank in that country you need to write on local language. Sometimes if you prefer to use set of mixed language it is better method. But this is totally depend on the group of people that you are targeting. But if you are targeting for AdSense, you need to consider whether our language is supported by AdSense. However writing on mixed language will reduce that risk. If you write on non-AdSense supporting language mixed with supported one, you have to write on supported one more than other.Here you can see AdSense supporting languages.

Even though you will loose AdSense as your language is not supported, you can find any number of ads on local business site. But this may totally depend on your local Alexa rank.

Here you can see the local rank I have got through some of the above tips.
                                                                          (My Alexa rank on 2012-10-05)

At last I advice you to try on several of above list as appropriate. Then you will see the deference you will get with in about one month. we will meet with Alexa again.


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