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How to earn from Microworkers.....?

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In my last article, I gave you a brief introduction to Microworkers. Today I am going to discuss you about how to perform tasks in Microworkers and earn money. Although there are "Basic jobs" and "Hire jobs", I only consider about the basic jobs as a initial work. As I mention earlier you may have already sign up to Microworkers. If not sign up here to Microworkers..

How to perform a basic task on Microworkers......?

As I mentioned earlier there are two type of jobs you can participate.
1. Basic jobs
2. Hire jobs.
To do Hire jobs you have to earn good reputation on the Microworkers. Unless you will not able to join group works. For that try to do only the tasks that you can complete properly.

To start your jobs first log in to microworkers here.

Then you can see the the job list show there. From the list of jobs you can find any job as your preference.
As example, I like to select a job like vote, like in Facebook, like in Google plus, sign up like simple task although they give me low income. like 0.1$, 0.12$ per job. Also these jobs are country specific. That is when you make your account you have to select the country. Then you are shown only the relevant jobs for your country. If you are a user in country like US you can earn more.

If you like to select one kind of job only, select the relevant menu and perform all the list given there in selected task. (I think this will help a lot than doing all the jobs because you will be an expert on that type of job and can get good set of opportunities later). But as a fresher to Microworkers, it is better to get good experience by doing all kind of jobs and that will give wide range of opportunities.

How to select a task that can be done.......?

1. First see the list of jobs.

2. There are list of jobs with name of the job, payment, success rate, and number of people done the work.

3. from them it is better to select a task with high success rate and less performance. If possible give some attention to the amount of payments. (You may see less success rate either due to difficulty of task or the high rejection possibility of contractor, but if that is due to the non- rating of the contractor it will not damage your reputation.)

4. After selecting a good task that you can perform, you can select it. Then you will be shown  what you want to do for completing the task. Then read the note correctly and do the work.

5. Please remember to read what you have to submit for prove your task. Because some people ask for something like link step by step. Then remember to collect them too.

6. After completing task complete the form with the data required to prove your work.

7. Confirm the task.

8. You may have to wait few hour for contractors review on your work. Some people will not give you a review soon. Then wait for ending of two weeks you will be automatically get positive feedback.

What can you do if someone has miss-rated you.......?

This will not happen in Microworkers often. But if someone has miss-rated you in wrong way even when you have proven the work properly, you can complain it and have the money.

At last after you get some positive feed backs you will be listed in the Microworkers employers list. To get that work hard and get good reputation. Unless you will loose your jobs.

I hope all you will earn more and more money through here. If you are good enough you can earn about 5$ for a day by Microworkers by doing about 20 jobs.

For further reference
Microworkers : guideline


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