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Do jobs & Earn money: Microworckers

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In my last article on E-money I discussed about What is Google AdSense and How to deal with it. Now I am going to talk about an another option most of the bloggers used in the Internet for earning money. This is "Microworkers".As name implies you have to perform small task to earn money. For those tasks you will be payed.

Whether  the Microworkers is a scam...?

Before starting a money making business in the Internet, the first question people ask is "is it a scam........?" If so how they will pay and how much you we have to earn before payment.....? Has it done payment properly. According to the most of the workers in the Microworkers it is not a scam site. They have payed correctly and fast. So you can earn money without any hesitate through it. As same as Google AdSense it will pay your payments at the 10$.

                                                                                                (click on the image to preview)

How can you earn money through Microworkers......?

Microworkers have a list of works that you can perform. These are paid according to the time it consumes and the contractor preference.However, all the works have a minimum limit of payment. If you can do hard and time consuming tasks you have to earn more money.
These are the list of works you can perform with the amount of payments;
1. Sign up - 0.1$
2. Click/ Search - 0.1$
3. Bookmarks - 0.1$
4. Google plus - 0.1$
5. YouTube video - 0.12$/0.2$
6. Facebook like - 0.12$
7. Twitter (retwitte/ sign up)- 0.10$/0.15$
8. Vote and rating - 0.12$
9. Yahoo answer - 0.2$
10. Forum posts - 0.12$
11. Download and install - 0.4$/0.5$
12. Comment on blog - 0.12$
13. Write a review - 0.4$
14. Write a article - 0.6$
15. Blog posting - 0.5$/).6$
(These are estimated amount. These may be different according to the employ.)

How can you withdraw the money....?

You can request a money withdrawal request after you earn 9.0$. Then you will be sent a PIN CODE to your mail address. Then you can withdraw money after receiving the PIN. After successfully complete a 10$ amount you can withdraw it through Alert pay & moneybookers. But this is not supported to the Pay-Pal. Even though you can not get payed from pay pal do not get afraid to work. Here your payment will be made safely.

What do want to you know at last......?

As a  worker you will select tasks that are successfully complete only. Unless If your account is lower that 75% success rate your account will be temporally banned for one month from the works. Therefore try to maintain good reputation there. Also you are eligible to join to group works , if your success rate is high.

We will meet next time with how to earn money from Microworckers. If you not get that correctly you will loose your reputation there and may lose your chances to earn. Therefore do not try jobs if they will be unable to complete properly. Until that you can sign up for Microworkers  here and try to perform some easy tasks like sign up jobs, Facebook likes like jobs.Enjoying with the Microworckers.

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