Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Add smileys for your Facebook chat box..

Facebook Tricks - 02

How are you show your emotions when you are chatting with your friend on Facebook...? There may be smiles, emotional codes, colored text, Animal codes, Animations and lot of symbols. Today I am going to concern on the set of Facebook smiles. Although Facebook itself has introduced set of emotional symbols which can send  easily, we can add more smiley emotional symbols to our chat box which will surprise your girl friend, classmate or any other friend.

1. Facebook smile - emotional symbol. :-)

smiling face is a nice indicator of lot of emotions like you are happy, you are okay, great, etc. By using this you can make other happy too. Also their problems will go off.

2. Facebook sad - emotional symbol :-(

 This is the other widely using emotional symbol in Facebook to show that the person is in the sad, to show his worries.

3. Facebook tongue - emotion :-p

 Facebook tongue emotion is mostly used as a indicator of your naughty behavior. It is also can used to show you like something or someone a lot.

4. Facebook Big smile - emotion :-D

If you are in big happy mode, you can use to show it to your friend. This is also a widely using symbol now a days.

5. Facebook gasp - emotion :-O
Facebook gasp emotion may indicate you are amazing about something.

6. Facebook wink - emotion symbol ;- )

Facebook winking emotion is a nice emotion to express your free feeling to your friends. Sometimes it can be used as a indication of understanding and kidding. Also it is a expression of your sexy feelings. Therefore be careful too.

7. Facebook pacman - emotion :v

Pacman is a game where a the pacman goes behind the ghost and eat them. Such like that you can use it to show that you will eat all the ghost.

8. Facebook grumpy - emotion >:-)

 Facebook grumpy symbol is a indicator that you are enough of something or something has become completely mess up.

9. Facebook unsure - emotion :/

This is a indicator that you are not very much sure about something. Sometimes this is used as a sign of a error too.

10. Facebook crying - emotion ;-(

Facebook crying emotion is used to show you that you are in a sad mood or your having a problem. Also you can show your pain to your friend.

These are a set of important basic emotion even the Facebook chat box is consist. This article is to show you the uses of them. There are other very important and nice looking set of emotions you may like. I will provide them in my next article.

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