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Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to decorate the Facebook chat box with inverted text

Facebook tips - 05

Facebook chatting is a nice place to show your colours to your friend. We have already discussed about important set of Facebook applications, Facebook animations and Facebook, Facebook smiles, Facebook animal codes and further more. Today I am going  to talk about how to convert your Facebook chat into upside downward or backward text. This will be great help to attract more Facebook friends.

This is simple and easy and not only this can be used in the chat box but also can extent into your status also. Then your friends will give more concern on your status in Facebook.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

How to earn from Microworkers.....?

Microworkers - 02

In my last article, I gave you a brief introduction to Microworkers. Today I am going to discuss you about how to perform tasks in Microworkers and earn money. Although there are "Basic jobs" and "Hire jobs", I only consider about the basic jobs as a initial work. As I mention earlier you may have already sign up to Microworkers. If not sign up here to Microworkers..

How to perform a basic task on Microworkers......?

As I mentioned earlier there are two type of jobs you can participate.
1. Basic jobs
2. Hire jobs.
To do Hire jobs you have to earn good reputation on the Microworkers. Unless you will not able to join group works. For that try to do only the tasks that you can complete properly.

Friday, October 5, 2012

4 rare Facebook tips and applications

Facebook Tricks - 03

As I have shown you so far you can use Facebook as nice place to live in. For that  you should know the rarely used but important and interesting tips in your Facebook. Today I am going to talk about 4 important Facebook tips and applications you can use for free in Facebook that make your Facebook profile more interesting.

1. See international TV channels for free on your Facebook.

Normally you can see international TV channels only if you have satellite connection. But it is much costly service and you will have to restrict for only few channels according to your payment ability. But here there are about 60 TV channels all which are free of charge.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to increase the Regional Alexa rank.....?

Alexa - 04

If you have read my previous articles, you may have become Alexa specialists already. However there will be several other articles about a Alexa in my next few articles too. These will important to have a nice rank in Alexa, even though it is very difficult to been added to first few websites. Here you have to identify the important tricks that may be missed by others. Today I am going to talk about one of the such trick that is increasing a regional traffic rank of Alexa.

Do jobs & Earn money: Microworckers

Microworkers - 01

In my last article on E-money I discussed about What is Google AdSense and How to deal with it. Now I am going to talk about an another option most of the bloggers used in the Internet for earning money. This is "Microworkers".As name implies you have to perform small task to earn money. For those tasks you will be payed.

Whether  the Microworkers is a scam...?

Before starting a money making business in the Internet, the first question people ask is "is it a scam........?" If so how they will pay and how much you we have to earn before payment.....? Has it done payment properly. According to the most of the workers in the Microworkers it is not a scam site. They have payed correctly and fast. So you can earn money without any hesitate through it. As same as Google AdSense it will pay your payments at the 10$.

What is Google AdSense.......?

E money - 02

Google Adsense ad network is a part of Google. It is a program which helps the web publishers (including bloggers) to earn money through displaying content based targeted ads on their sites.This ads are paying according to per-click and per-impression basis. Google gets these ads through Google AdWord and send them to publishers. According to most publishers, Google ad network is the best ad network. As most of my users are interesting in learning about today I am going to start my set of tutorials on Google ads.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Add smileys for your Facebook chat box..

Facebook Tricks - 02

How are you show your emotions when you are chatting with your friend on Facebook...? There may be smiles, emotional codes, colored text, Animal codes, Animations and lot of symbols. Today I am going to concern on the set of Facebook smiles. Although Facebook itself has introduced set of emotional symbols which can send  easily, we can add more smiley emotional symbols to our chat box which will surprise your girl friend, classmate or any other friend.

1. Facebook smile - emotional symbol. :-)

smiling face is a nice indicator of lot of emotions like you are happy, you are okay, great, etc. By using this you can make other happy too. Also their problems will go off.