Monday, September 3, 2012

Wheather Chithika ads are good option for Google Adsense......?

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Now a days, most of the bloggers have trying to make their blog space for more benefits. There first option of most of them are Google AdSense. However, now-a-days most people fails to get AdSense account for their blog as the new restricted policies introduced by AdSense. There some of the countries like India, China have to wait up to 6 month completion of their blog. Also other problem of the AdSense is that that they do not supporting to the blog written in some languages.Here, most of them are move onto other ad networks like Chithika. Today my main concern is Chithika.

What is the Chithika Ad network.......?

 Chithika is a search related ad network . This is consist of several types of ads like;

  • Test ads.
  • List ads.
  • mobile ads.
  • maps.             
According to there schedule, they are paying monthly by pay pay (more than 10$) and cash checks(more than $50 ).

What are the best things related of Chithika.....?

1. It's payments are high although less related to AdSense.
2. It can be used with Google AdSense according to the Chithika. Therefore it can be use as a additional  money making item for AdSense users.
3. There are several types of ads and you can use according to your preference.
4. There are 26 sizes of ads and as a result you can use your space effectively.
5. There are policies are not restricted as AdSense for approval. Therefore you can use it even for site with less traffic.

What are the disadvantages of Chithika.......? 

1. First one is they only pay for search related traffic. This is only for major search engines like google, yahoo.. only. Therefore your traffic through indirect ways like Facebook, Twitter, Syndicates, Other sites are not paid.
2. They only consider the US/ Canada like traffic only. Even though you have a huge traffic with other countries you are not paid well.
3. Also the clicks given by other countries are not consider where the AdSense  give at least some consideration even for Asian countries.
4. Chithika has a less payments related to AdSense.
5. You have to wait along time for having your payment as they paid after $50 by check if you are in countries where the Pay pal is not working.

                                                                              (click here to preview the image)

 Now it is your chance to compare the benefits of Chithika and AdSense. Enjoy earning more and more.....

For further reference;
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  2. Thank you very much.
    i am also using chitika.
    and the info you given is really helpful for me.
    Keep it up.

  3. i tried adsense, several times.but it was unsuccessful . now i am using chithika for few months .