Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What is Alexa......?

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What is Alexa.........?

Alexa is a web information company expanded up to 125 countries in the world. According to them monthly visitors are more than 6,000,000. As this has become a unforgettable part of traffic and Internet marketing, today my concern is on Alexa.

According to the history of Alexa, It has started in 1996 as a part of Amazon company in the US. After that it has done several expansion up to now to give maximum service to  the Internet users.

What are the importance of Alexa........?

Now a days most people talking about the Alexa rank. Have you see your Alexa rank.....?

                                                    (click on the widget and visit the site to see your rank.)

If I ask "why you are that much concern on Alexa....?", you may give several answers to me. Whatever the answer you give, most people will say that "it is important in advertising".Yes, it is true. most of the companies now concern lot on Alexa rank even much than the Google rank. It is due to its system of classification. Unlike Google which gives ranks from 0 to 10, Alexa gives rank from 10,000,000 or even more to 1. So the ranking process is simple to understand for the companies. Also it is good to have a number to compare site than same number to thousand of pages. Not only that, it gives some other figures like regional rank, daily visitors, percentage of viewer according to the country, Number of sites which links to the site and much more. Now you can realize how nice it is. Its just like your blogger static page or even more complex.
                                                                (traffic ranks of my earlier domain after some times I have left if)

How Alexa works to rank your page........?

As I have mentioned earlier Alexa have number traffic data for a curtain site. So, your site may get a rank with the combination of those set of options. If your site is not still on the Alexa listing please visit here and submit it. Normally it takes about Alexa to estimation the traffic for a site. Like Google they update some of their content monthly like refutation (But, you may update you back-link number even in week duration). So, If your site is on Alexia less than 3 months you may not get the rank that you may deserved to get. Although the Google rank can not be influence by money this can be influenced by upgrading to next level and you can get high rank.

Do you think Alexia always right..........?

Certainly not I think. Because as I mention earlier it takes about 3 months to get real details of a site they can not give exact rank for new users. As the same time they are not always concern on traffic you can not differentiate a high traffic site from low traffic site. There are few other weakness in the Alexa. But, As a web information site it is very successful one. I can give you nice example that is if you check a site with huge number of back-links and other with few backlinks with same traffic later may be higher up if those are good quality back-links.

So, I think you may be able to have at least a little idea on Alexa. So, in our next article we will be able to discuss how to increase your Alexa rank.If you have any problem regarding this please contact me.

For further reference;
Alexa web information company


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  2. wow i have 62 backlink my blog thanks share this information

    1. Thanks for your interest on my article. I think you may have a good Alexa rank at least. May be 70,000- 50,000. If your traffic is good even better..

  3. mm...Very Nice..useful info For the Bloggers.
    Keep it up!

  4. last week my alexa rank was 3lakh 70 thousand ... now it gone to 3 lakh 96 thousand ... but my daily visits remains constant , no change in that ... but for what reason it gone back ? can u help me ?

    1. Hi Dinesh, yap your rank may be get down too even if your site have same traffic ... Unless others can not go up is not so..?
      After comming to your stage you have a huge competition with well established site.. so following this may be cause your problem..
      1. traffic gain by computers that does not have a Alexa rank..
      2. your number of updates may have reduce ( they consider about the publishing time..)
      3. Your local traffic rank may have reduced.
      4. You may not get any backlinks during that period.
      5. there may be search reduced related traffic. please concern on these lot.

  5. Certainly not. Alexa is not always right but we just have to use it to rank our blog higher. Thanks for sharing this post.

  6. This is a great read. I've learnt so much about Alexa from this article that i'm about to write a blog post about it.. Thank you so much..

  7. nice article. I think alexa ranking is very important atleast for beginners who just started blogging, They try to post quality content & learn different approaches to rank their websites higher.