Monday, September 17, 2012

Further preparation for Alexa........

Alexa - 03

As you know Alexa is the one of the best web information program available for web masters. I mentioned earlier that it is necessary to prepare our site for good Alexa ranking. If you have not read "What is Alexa...?" and "How to prepare your site for better Alexa rank....?" I advise you to get basic idea form those 2 articles. We have already discuss how to optimize our site for Alexa ranking. Now we are going to other thing we have to do to get better Alexa rank.

What we have to do for further optimization of Alexa rank........?

1. Change your domain into top level domain.

According to my experience top level domains are more Alexa friendly than sub-domains like, or anything else. Reason why this happens is the friendliness of those domains to search engines. Therefore if you have not get one you can get a domain with special discounts here. Also if you want to know how select a good domain read this article.

2. Induce your users to download Alexa tool bar.

As I mentioned earlier, Alexa only calculate traffic coming trough the Alexa search engine. To get the maximum benefit from your users, induce your users to  chrome extension of Alexa. By this you can see dramatic increase of your Alexa.

3. Induce your readers for review you on Alexa.

Even though this has less importance relevant to other tricks still has a importance. Therefore ask your readers to review you on Alexa. This will increase your reputation there.

4. Submit your set of your articles to article directories.

To have good Alexa rank you should have a good set of backlinks. By submitting the articles into directories you can have a good set of backlinks.

5. Get some backlinks from your friends. 

At the same time if you can get some "dofollow" backlinks from your friends it will help you a lot to increase your Alexa rank. It is better if you can get them from same niche.

I think you will enjoy this article and and this will helps you to have a good Alexa rank.

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