Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Animating animal code for your Facebook chat box...

Facebook Tricks - 04

As I mentioned Facebook is a great place. There are games, applications, emotional codes, animal code. But all those are only if you have some knowledge on Facebook only. Today I am going to introduce some rare Animal codes for your Facebook chat box. These includes dogs, cats, butterfly,  penguin, shark and several other Facebook emotional codes. specificity here is you can send some animated animals too.

Facebook dog animal code

Facebook dog code is a rare animal chat code you can see. It will not given by Facebook it self. So this will be specially used to attract girls. Because they like animals like dogs and cats a lot.
You can copy and paste following code for dog symbol in Facebook chat box.

Face book music cat animal code

 Facebook music animal is also a rare animal code used in Facebook. By using this you can show your emotions like cool. Also as the above one you may use this as a attracting tip
You can copy and paste following code for music animal in Facebook chat box.

Facebook butterfly animal code

                      Facebook butterfly animal code is also a rare animal code used
 in Facebook. As this is a animated chat code your friends will like this code a lot.       Specially if you want to attract a child this will be the best one.
You can copy and paste following code for your chat box for blue butterfly.

Facebook green warm animal code

                  If you have a baby who like to cartoons this emotional code will helps to attract them.  This Green Facebook warn animal code is also a great one to add to your chat box. You can add it here


 Facebook puppy animal code

This is a nice looking puppy who looks quiet attractive. Simply copy and past the code below to add the Facebook puppy code to your chat box

Facebook laughing tiger animal code

Usually tigers are not laughing. But here is a nice tiger with laughing at you. You can use this animal code for making your friend just a bit smile.
Simply copy and paste the code below.

Facebook sweeping rabbit animal code

Facebook sweeping rabbit code will indicate your friend that you are bit busy with your works.You can copy and paste following codes to add it to your chat box.

Facebook fighting ducks animal code

     Facebook fighting ducks will indicate you that you are angry. You can also use this to say some one about your anger on someones work. Just copy and paste following code below.

Facebook running duck animal code

This is a something funny. Facebook running duck code will helps to make your friens happy a lot. Copy and paste the code below.

Facebook shark animal code

                     Faceboo shark code is also important code even though used in world wide.
                     Copy and paste the following code.

Facebook pengun animal code

 Facebook penguin emotion is also a important and widely used emotional code.                                                                                                                                                                                      Copy and paste following code to add it.

I will hope you all will use these emotional codes and enjoy a lot during Facebook chatting. You will be able to see some more Facebook chat codes here.

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