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Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Animating animal code for your Facebook chat box...

Facebook Tricks - 04

As I mentioned Facebook is a great place. There are games, applications, emotional codes, animal code. But all those are only if you have some knowledge on Facebook only. Today I am going to introduce some rare Animal codes for your Facebook chat box. These includes dogs, cats, butterfly,  penguin, shark and several other Facebook emotional codes. specificity here is you can send some animated animals too.

How to use Facebook shortcuts in your browser....?

Facebook Tricks - 01

I think most of the readers here are Facebook fans. But most of them are not aware about the Facebook short cuts. So, do you like to have list of Facebook short cuts. I think most of you will like to have such. Today I am going to discuss about the set of Facebook shortcuts which you can use in your browser.

First of introducing the shortcuts, I have to say that the shortcuts may differ with the browser that you are using.

List of Facebook shortcuts for Google Chrome.

Following shortcuts can use with Google Chrome to the Facebook. If your browser is not supported to these, you may old version and have to update it.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Further preparation for Alexa........

Alexa - 03

As you know Alexa is the one of the best web information program available for web masters. I mentioned earlier that it is necessary to prepare our site for good Alexa ranking. If you have not read "What is Alexa...?" and "How to prepare your site for better Alexa rank....?" I advise you to get basic idea form those 2 articles. We have already discuss how to optimize our site for Alexa ranking. Now we are going to other thing we have to do to get better Alexa rank.

What we have to do for further optimization of Alexa rank........?

1. Change your domain into top level domain.

According to my experience top level domains are more Alexa friendly than sub-domains like, or anything else. Reason why this happens is the friendliness of those domains to search engines. Therefore if you have not get one you can get a domain with special discounts here. Also if you want to know how select a good domain read this article.

How to make own banner for your site.....?

JavaScript - 08

having a banner for your site is very important factor when you exchange your links, submitting your site to a directory ,advertising anything related to marketing even. So  it is preferable for each one of you to have several types of banners for your site. Today I will show how to make a simple banner for your site.

How to select a domain name........?

Way to Blogging - 08

Now you know the uses of individual domain name. So, our next step is to create a appropriate domain name for our website. If you have not read about our "what is domain name.......?" article please read it and get a idea before this article.

When we selecting a domain name for our site there are several very important things to understand. So, please read the article first and identify the things you have to understand and then make them use.

What are the things to remember when creating a domain name......?

1. Appropriate to the niche.

Most important thing that you have to do before starting a blog is identification of your talents and necessities. Unless you may waste your valuable time with the money. Just imaging if you want to start writing about Auto-mobiles you have to get it in to your mind and start writing it you does not need to consider about mobile phones.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What is a domain name.....?

Blog traffic - 13

Now a days most of the people are interested to know about the domain. because it has become a very important part of the site. Sometimes some people gives more attention to  your content even before the content. So today, I decided to talk about "what is a domain....? ".

What is a domain name.....?

Domain name is a a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet. Simply it is the way of showing your ownership of a web site. Your domain will show you the reliability of your information and what is your site for....?. To have a domain you should have a hosting site for your site. There are several types of domain names available for your sites.
1. Top Level Domain (TLDs).
2. Second Level Domain (SLDs).
3. Lower Level Domains (LLDS).
4.Sub Domains (SDs)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to prepare your site for better Alexa rank.......?

Alexa - 02

In my last article I mention about "what is  Alexa......?". There I discussed some important things of Alexa ranking. Today my main focus is on "how to prepare your site for better Alexa rank......?".

Why it is important to prepare the site for Alexa rank.......?

Most of the time Alexa contain a rank to all our site, unless it is too young to add like 2-3 weeks. Even though all sites have Alexa rank, it is important to induce Alexa ranking by various ways by making site in a Alexa friendly manner. Other problem with Alexa is that they do not calculate any traffic which will not go through Alexa (tool bar). Due to that unless your users have install Alexa tool bar for there internet browser  you will not get any traffic for them. There are such other problems in the Alexa too. Therefore it is preferable for you to optimized your site for that to have better Alexa rank.

Monday, September 10, 2012

How do make blog template enable for "dofollow" comments........?

Way to Blogging - 07

I previously discussed about how to get mare backlinks by commenting. I feel that most people has realized that and comments on my blog. Also some of them have massaged me about it. I want to say that unless you have commented on blog which have provided do follow comments you may have less value. Therefore most people are reluctant to comment on nofollow blogs. As most of them hopes something more than your appreciating comment like "thank you for your comment". So it is very important to make the comment site of your blog dofollow to commenting people. Then you will get more and more comments.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Build your blog traffic through comments.......

Backlinks - 03

Now a days blogs has become one of very important part in the global information system. Although most of they do not have much of traffic generating tools or any other automated traffic generating mechanisms, still most of them are getting huge number of traffic. Most of the time, it is more than 500 viewers per day. Therefore it is a huge number and huge contribution to the readers who are willing to have information. Have you thought about the contribution of your comments to that...?
I think your answer is simply no….

What is the important of comments......?

If you think just a bit about making comments on others blog, you may feel that it is a waste of your time. Also some of you may think what is the importance of making others blog popular. Like the article I have written on "importance of making guest posts.......?", you have to think about it in a broad manner. Unless, you will miss your own benefits. Therefore it is high time to remove your selfishness and work together for better service although much of our aim is to make money.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What is Alexa......?

Alexa - 01

What is Alexa.........?

Alexa is a web information company expanded up to 125 countries in the world. According to them monthly visitors are more than 6,000,000. As this has become a unforgettable part of traffic and Internet marketing, today my concern is on Alexa.

According to the history of Alexa, It has started in 1996 as a part of Amazon company in the US. After that it has done several expansion up to now to give maximum service to  the Internet users.

What are the importance of Alexa........?

Now a days most people talking about the Alexa rank. Have you see your Alexa rank.....?

                                                    (click on the widget and visit the site to see your rank.)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Wheather Chithika ads are good option for Google Adsense......?

E-money - 01

Now a days, most of the bloggers have trying to make their blog space for more benefits. There first option of most of them are Google AdSense. However, now-a-days most people fails to get AdSense account for their blog as the new restricted policies introduced by AdSense. There some of the countries like India, China have to wait up to 6 month completion of their blog. Also other problem of the AdSense is that that they do not supporting to the blog written in some languages.Here, most of them are move onto other ad networks like Chithika. Today my main concern is Chithika.

What is the Chithika Ad network.......?

 Chithika is a search related ad network . This is consist of several types of ads like;

  • Test ads.
  • List ads.
  • mobile ads.
  • maps.             
According to there schedule, they are paying monthly by pay pay (more than 10$) and cash checks(more than $50 ).

Saturday, September 1, 2012

How to make your mobile supporting for Unicode.....?

Mobile tricks -  01

What are Unicode.....?

Unicode is a character encoding standard that has widespread acceptance. Simply it is the way of using most of the languages of the world. It may be either Sinhalese, Tamil, Russian, Hindi or what ever the language except English.

Even though most of the windows systems in the computers have make to function with Unicode properly, Still the most of the mobile devices are unable  to work with Unicode. If you load such page with your mobile, you only see set of squares. The reason why it happen so is that normal state of Opera mini browser is not supporting Unicode which is the predominant browser of all type of mobile devices like Android, Nokia, Sony-ericson, ...etc. So, now we are going to consider how to make it acceptable for your mobile.

More than 200 Facebook fans per day.....

Facebook traffic - 03

In my last post I simply discussed you about the 10 tips to get more Facebook fans. I think those methods are perfect set of tips to get fans. But it takes time for readers to come to your site and read. Then they have to decide whether it is deserved to have a like from them. But according to mine, if you courage enough you can easily have nice set of people. But today my main concern on 9th tip that is  "Join Some fan exchanging networks on Facebook." Today I am going to introduce you set of exchanging networks in the internet some of which  I have experience bit. But I will promise you if you work hard you can get at least 500 likes with in a week. I also tried only one or two and getting about 50-60 likes per day. I will Introduce them according to my preference. If you can join all of them.

1. Click4fans
I have introduce this site few weeks back in one of my posts please read it. For further detail.

2. Fan Box
This is also a nice application on Facebook which gives you huge number of fans. Here you are getting 2seeds per like and no chance to earn in other ways. Therefore it makes visitors to like in others pages. Then all are succeed. This is very simple and all the likes you have are shown in your profile list. Therefore it is easy to calculate the number of likes you got from page. Truly speaking I had got 56likes in two days. Then all my seeds had finished. Therefore make sure you have save more number of seeds.