Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Syndicate your blog here...........

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 As a site which has a growing traffic everyday I have decided to give you all a chance to increase your traffic. This is through the syndication of your site to the left corner of my site.
At the same time I hope you will syndicate your sites to other syndicates and directories. Here, there are some links available
1. List of Internatinal blog syndicates
2. List of Sri lankan(sinhaleese) blog syndicates


What are the importance of adding your sites to my blog......? 

1. You may get good traffic through out the world as this is a blog which has spread world-wide.
2. You can have quality backlinks with "do follow" attribution. This will increase your page rank.
3. You may be able to promote by my self. Because I am promoting my site through out the world with different social media like facebook, twitter, etc...

 What are the requirements your site have to fulfill....? 

1. This is initially only to English site. Therefore please add only English blogs.
2. This is to give my readers  links to their requirements. Therefore your site should have good quality posts.
3. Banded,blacklisted sites will not be added.
4. The sites should not have posts on sexual contents/ drugs/ crimes except in the manner of purely educational purposes.
5. It is a appreciate, if me give a "do follow" link too.

6. I will appreciate if you write some guest posts and get more backlinks with out hoping only on the syndicate.
7. Also I will give some of you 125*125 ad space free according to the support you are giving to me.

Please add our banner to your site if possible.

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If you are lack in space it is better to have this banner.

<a href=""><img src="" /></a> <br />

You can also add our following link.
<a href="">Blog Tricks PLUS</a>

To add your site you need to contact me  

Come and join us to enjoy traffic...... 


  1. We appreciate any comment from you.......

  2. Great Idea Bro...I like the way you are blogging

    1. Thanks you brother ..... its happy to have someone who encourage always.

  3. You are Welcome Bro......Check out my new posts on Blogging