Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to add a new template to your blog......?

Way to Blogging - 06

In my articles about blogging I have discuss about following topics so far;
1. How to start a blog.......?
2. How to make the blog more attractive......?
3. What is blog traffic......?
4.  Do you want to add related post gadget.....?
5.  What is the importance of the Feed......?
I think these are not a complex things to experience bloggers. Most of these are for biginners even though I have discussed all the nook and corner of these topic. Even those may helps to experienced bloggers. However, I have started these blogging set of tutorial to give simple guidance to all beginners and had completed most of the simple things yet. After you become experienced on blogging I will move on to blog designing tutorial including Html, CSS, JavaScript and etc. Today my topic is how to add a custom template to your blog.

How to do add a template....?

1. First of all you should have an idea of what you are going to write on the blog unless your time and work will be useless. Therefore if your are a beginner first decide your topic. It may be on blogging, computer tricks, nature, health tips whatever. Only thing you want to know is what is you are going to do.

2.Then the second thing is finding a good template from the internet.(I have discussed about how to add blogger template earlier on my "How to make the blog more attractive" post) But this is not that. So go and search free blog template with suitable background, necessary gadgets, suitable number of columns, and footer too. Then download it and save it properly

 3. Then you have to go to dashboard and then template.

4. Select the restore/backup button in the right corner.

5. Then you have to upload the template after having saved the earlier full template.

6. Close and see the new look of your blog template.

Normally as a routine we have to edit the html and the CSS of the blog template after introducing on to your blog. However if your not well trained person no need to try it and having suitable template is enough.

Thanks you all for join me. If you have any problem about the blog templates refer me.

For further reference;
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  1. We appreciate any comments from you.......

  2. Thanks brother I also wanted to know how to add such... It seem to be very simple

  3. Good to know how this is done. Not brave enough to try it myself though. I only got up enough courage to tweak the ready-made templates. So far that works for me!