Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to add more fans for facebook fan page...?

Face book traffic

As all of you know it is very difficult to find lot of fans to our fan pages. Therefore most of the fan pages are suffering from lack of traffic. This may ultimately leads to lack of traffic to your blog too if it is related to the blog. Today I am going to introduce you a important page made by Sri lankan friend to increase your fans. Although there are many automated pages like that this is a very helpful as it is done by our self. Here what we expect is some kind of exchange of fans to your sites.

How you can join...........?

This is going in Sinhala (Sinhaleese) therefore please follow following instruction to increase your fans.

  • First go to my site and like it
  • Then see the images added

                 1. homepage
                 2. Earn money
                 3. Add your site

  • Next you have to register the site using user name and password
                 fans for your facebook
  • Then select earn money and earn some coins through any of the way mention there
  • Last add your site and adjust the coins per click 
  • There is also several other methods like add followers for twitter, see you tube video like things and earn more.