Friday, August 17, 2012

10 tricks to get more fans for your page.....

Facebook Traffic - 02

Most of the bloggers like to have a nice fan box in their blog which indicate their fan page. However in the initial steps of blogging, it is very difficult to collect at least 100 fans for our fan page, if we are not very much concern and work for that. Therefore, today I am going to introduce you several tricks to have huge number of Facebook fans.

1. Initially try to influence some of your friend to being added to the page.

Most of the time people hesitate to give like to fan pages as they may be problematic and disturb them lot sometimes. But, if you have some number of people in your fan page, most of them are not hesitate to give you likes. So, it is necessary to influence all the people who coming to your blog / Fan page to give you a like. This may be some kind of influence to them if you have some fans already. To have that ask your friends, colleagues to give you some likes on their fan page.

2.Try to post some of the interesting topic on your fan page.

If you have good quality content on your fan page, people will surely give you some likes to your blog in uninfluenced.   These people are the most important part of your fans and have to keep them intact forever. Unless you miss very important part of your Facebook traffic. But here most important thing understand is not the quality content that you think. It is what people likes on the same topic that people like to see.
   example:- If you fan page is on medicine you can post some medical jokes or things about the weight gain/ weight loss.
If your blog is on blogging just post few posts on e-money, traffic.

3.Keep the people intact.

As all we know we all do not like to keep the unwanted stuff with us. As same to that, people do not want to have unuseful  fan page with them. Therefore it is necessary to update your fan page regularly. To that you may use some automatically updating system with blog. But, I prefer to update it manually. Due to several reasons. It mainly due to the keep the same number of traffic to my blog.

4.Post some links on your wall. 

As I mention earlier if you post interesting content on your fan page, you have good number of fans. As the same if you post interesting posts on your wall it give you more concern on the page than above all. Here the trick is post some cartoon picture on your wall related to your fan page links.

5.Start a Facebook group to spread your fan page.

By making a group you can add friends to your group, although they really do not want to being added. Then  
Post on the group and convert to the fan page slowly with some links to the Facebook group. This will help you to add more fans to you fan page unintentionally.

6. Add a fan box to your blog.

If you have good content people may likes your fan page as a book mark. At the same time influence them to update on your posts by adding to your fan page. I will provide you the script for fan page later.

7.Make connection with Facebook communities on other countries.

It is important to make connection with people all around the world in same interest. To that you need to join some Facebook communities. You can have a list of nice Facebook communities in different topics in following post.
Facebook as a traffic source....

8. Do not spam them.

After they are being added to your page you have some authority on their walls that is you can post whatever you like until you are being removed. So, be careful not to post very often although it is necessary to keep in touch will them.Also do not post sexual content and some socially unaccepted contents even though these may attract some people to your site.

9.Join Some fan exchanging networks on Facebook.

If you are join the to these programs you can see a dramatic elevation on your number of fans. But most of them are not keep in touch longer because some of them are not original type of Facebook users. Because some people has several number of Facebook pages even with same ID.

10. Advertise on Facebook.

As the last but no the least it is important to advertise on Facebook itself, if you want to have huge number of fans. Unless you have a page which is completely on the marketing of a product, I am not recommend you lot about this method. Even though you can have huge number of like.You can visit Facebook advertising here

However at last again I recommend you to do what people want see you on fan page. Although your fan page is completely on the sake of marketing your site. Do not always do it. Just try to make people smile, funny and intelligent with your posts.

Also you are welcome to comment or contact if you have any matter.I like if you can join my fan page too...