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Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to add a new template to your blog......?

Way to Blogging - 06

In my articles about blogging I have discuss about following topics so far;
1. How to start a blog.......?
2. How to make the blog more attractive......?
3. What is blog traffic......?
4.  Do you want to add related post gadget.....?
5.  What is the importance of the Feed......?
I think these are not a complex things to experience bloggers. Most of these are for biginners even though I have discussed all the nook and corner of these topic. Even those may helps to experienced bloggers. However, I have started these blogging set of tutorial to give simple guidance to all beginners and had completed most of the simple things yet. After you become experienced on blogging I will move on to blog designing tutorial including Html, CSS, JavaScript and etc. Today my topic is how to add a custom template to your blog.

How to do add a template....?

1. First of all you should have an idea of what you are going to write on the blog unless your time and work will be useless. Therefore if your are a beginner first decide your topic. It may be on blogging, computer tricks, nature, health tips whatever. Only thing you want to know is what is you are going to do.

Friday, August 24, 2012

How to categorize the blog using JavaScript......?

JavaScript - 07

 The new template of Blogger was introduce about 6 months ago. After that we got lot of facilities including different kinds of easy methods to use without using confusing java scripts.Although the blogger has introduced us the facility of making different pages with the same home page, They have not shown that it is working well yet. This is a very important problem all the bloggers have already. Today I am introducing a method to categorize your articles according to headings.

How to prepare for this.........?

First you have to label all your blog posts. This is by just adding labels into all posts. If you want to categorize one of your blog into several, you can do that too.
                                                                                               (click here to preview)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to add nice looking Facebook fan box......?

JavaScript - 06

In last article on Javascript we discussed set how to add a Facebook lie button to a blog. I think it might make your blog nice. I hope you will read how to add nice looking facebook like button to your blog. Today it is in a same topic but in a different approach. I am quite sure that This would help you a lot to get more traffic and like while making your site attractive. So you can try this with today it self with in 2 minutes if you have a fan page already. Unless make a fan page first and join this tutorial after that.

What are the requirements you should have fulfill.......?

1. As I mention earlier post you should make a Facebook fan page first.

2. Then you have to make your template active for Iframe. (To this please read my earlier post on how to add your Facebook fan page by gadget)

3.If you have any kind of Facebook gadget or widget you do not need to add above html code. Please check before you add the Iframe.

How can you add the gadget...........?

1. First go to dashboard of blog.

2. Then select html/ javascript.

Friday, August 17, 2012

10 tricks to get more fans for your page.....

Facebook Traffic - 02

Most of the bloggers like to have a nice fan box in their blog which indicate their fan page. However in the initial steps of blogging, it is very difficult to collect at least 100 fans for our fan page, if we are not very much concern and work for that. Therefore, today I am going to introduce you several tricks to have huge number of Facebook fans.

1. Initially try to influence some of your friend to being added to the page.

Most of the time people hesitate to give like to fan pages as they may be problematic and disturb them lot sometimes. But, if you have some number of people in your fan page, most of them are not hesitate to give you likes. So, it is necessary to influence all the people who coming to your blog / Fan page to give you a like. This may be some kind of influence to them if you have some fans already. To have that ask your friends, colleagues to give you some likes on their fan page.

2.Try to post some of the interesting topic on your fan page.

If you have good quality content on your fan page, people will surely give you some likes to your blog in uninfluenced.   These people are the most important part of your fans and have to keep them intact forever. Unless you miss very important part of your Facebook traffic. But here most important thing understand is not the quality content that you think. It is what people likes on the same topic that people like to see.
   example:- If you fan page is on medicine you can post some medical jokes or things about the weight gain/ weight loss.
If your blog is on blogging just post few posts on e-money, traffic.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Add your Facebook fan page by a Gadget........

JavaScript - 05

As we all realized Facebook is a nice social network network for all. It is a very effective media of advertising your site through out the world even with out any payment. Therefore today I am going to introduce you a Facebook gadget that helps you to get traffic to your website and fan page reciprocally.

How can you introduce the gadget....?

First of all you have to add the following code to your template. If it doesn't has such yet(if you have introduce Facebook gadget earlier, it may be in your template). This will help to support our next gadget. Therefore it is necessary to add this before all. You have to follow following steps to add this.
1. Go to the Dashboard.

2. Open the template.

3. Select edit Html.

4. Then if you are not sure save the template and proceed the procedure.

5. Then find </body> tag.

6. Introduce following code just above to it and save the template after the preview.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Syndicate your blog here...........

Back-links - 2 

 As a site which has a growing traffic everyday I have decided to give you all a chance to increase your traffic. This is through the syndication of your site to the left corner of my site.
At the same time I hope you will syndicate your sites to other syndicates and directories. Here, there are some links available
1. List of Internatinal blog syndicates
2. List of Sri lankan(sinhaleese) blog syndicates


What are the importance of adding your sites to my blog......? 

1. You may get good traffic through out the world as this is a blog which has spread world-wide.
2. You can have quality backlinks with "do follow" attribution. This will increase your page rank.
3. You may be able to promote by my self. Because I am promoting my site through out the world with different social media like facebook, twitter, etc...

 What are the requirements your site have to fulfill....? 

1. This is initially only to English site. Therefore please add only English blogs.
2. This is to give my readers  links to their requirements. Therefore your site should have good quality posts.
3. Banded,blacklisted sites will not be added.
4. The sites should not have posts on sexual contents/ drugs/ crimes except in the manner of purely educational purposes.
5. It is a appreciate, if me give a "do follow" link too.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to add "E-mail me" image to your blog......?

JavaScript - 05

Most of the bloggers are willing to know the use of the html, CSS, JavaScript, and different blog designing models. Due to their lack of knowledge, they fails most of the time. Certainly, this is a situation most of them fail. Even up to learning those web-designing models I also failed most of the time. However today I am going to introduce you how to add contact information to your blog with out exposing your email ID.

This is a very easy method to use. As there are no lots of complected java script or html, it only takes you 2 minutes to modify your contact details.

How to add a image to your e-mail contact........?

1.Copy and paste following html to your blog.

 <a href="mailto:your-email-address"><img src=""/></a>                                                                             

2.Edit the green part of the html with your e-mail address.

3.Post your article.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to add more fans for facebook fan page...?

Face book traffic

As all of you know it is very difficult to find lot of fans to our fan pages. Therefore most of the fan pages are suffering from lack of traffic. This may ultimately leads to lack of traffic to your blog too if it is related to the blog. Today I am going to introduce you a important page made by Sri lankan friend to increase your fans. Although there are many automated pages like that this is a very helpful as it is done by our self. Here what we expect is some kind of exchange of fans to your sites.

How you can join...........?

This is going in Sinhala (Sinhaleese) therefore please follow following instruction to increase your fans.

  • First go to my site and like it
  • Then see the images added

                 1. homepage
                 2. Earn money
                 3. Add your site

  • Next you have to register the site using user name and password
                 fans for your facebook
  • Then select earn money and earn some coins through any of the way mention there
  • Last add your site and adjust the coins per click 
  • There is also several other methods like add followers for twitter, see you tube video like things and earn more.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Google page ranking on August 2012

Blog Traffic - 12

Most of the bloggers predicted that the next update would be on end of July or probably on begging on August. However, yesterday the Google has release their new update and still you may have not got your  new PR. But according to Google they has not finished the update yet.

What are the most proven sites to get PR 10.....?

Google has not completely finished the page ranking yet and therefore it is difficult for us to list the PR 10 ranked pages. However as a prediction I can tell you that the pages which were in page ranking of 9, 10 may in the similar position as earlier except few changes.

According to the last page ranking update following sites were some of the  PR 10 site;
US government site
Abode reader download
Abode flash player download
United Nations
Social bookmarking sharing widget

However the rank of the Facebook, Google Home page were in the PR 9 state. This time these two also may change their position.  Because they also tried to increase as it is a one of the most important indicator on their site.