Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to add meta data for individual post in blogger

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If you have a chance to add meta data for each and every post of your blog it  would be very important part of your search engine optimization. Although Word Press has such features, Blogger has not provided such chance yet. However we are going to discuss how to add meta tags for all the post in your blog. However I prefer to say you that it better to add it into several of your  posts.

Why it is important to add meta tag to post other than page..?

As we have discussed earlier, it is better if you can have meta tags than not having as it gives you good rank in the search results. Also I think you have enjoyed and already got the benefit of  that.But unless you have add meta tags individually, your search results give the description of your home page to each and every of your post. So it is not good in way of attraction to the readers. Because, most of they get the idea of your post by search engine description given to them.

Also if you have add meta tags to several posts of your blog it will give you a high chance in getting a good position by having chance expose more key words.

How to add the meta tags to your posts........?

As I have show earlier, please make sure you have added the meta data for your home page before adding it to individual post. Now come back to your site and start the mission.

1.Open the dash board.

2.Select template.

3.Select edit HTML.

4.Tick the expand widget template.

5.Now find the first set of meta tags you added earlier.

6.Then start the mission proper by adding following code below to firstmeta tag you have added.

<b:if cond='data:blog.url="post-url-here"'>
 <meta content='Post-title-here ' name='title'/>
 <meta content='good-description-about-post' name='description'/><meta content='several key words seperated by comma(,)' name='keywords'/><meta content='your-name' name='author'/></b:if>

7.After pasting the code above edit the coloured parts using your data

Add this for several of your posts and see how it works after 2,3 days.Also remember to save after your task is completes.

Warning- Please do not over load your template with huge number of meta tags as it affects the loading time and health of your template. Also do not add more than 150 characters to your description.
update (2012/07/22)
By mistake there was a code automatically updated. I have made the problem now and you can use this with out any problem now. I you have any problem please comment here. 


  1. Still Can't Find The Real Way To Edit HTML..Yeah It SUX! :(

    Enyway Brother,Nice Post!

    1. html editing is very easy sister.. i though that you are good @ it as your template was well arranged one.

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