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Saturday, July 28, 2012

Script for 125 * 125 ads on your blog

JavaScript - 04

most of the bloggers has tired with various advertisement programs by this time. There for they are interest in finding some sponsors their self and advertise with them. Today the thing I am going to discuss is that how to add a such script for your blog.I have designed it as a table and this you can use this very easily with out any knowledge about html or JavaScript.

How to use the script.......?

1.First make a post regarding to your advertising opportunity.

2.Then go to lay out.

3.Add HTML.

4.Then copy and paste this html.

Really a nice chance to expand market of your product.....

Advertise Here

Blog Trick PLUS is a web site which gives simple and good guidance for all our readers who are interesting in web designing, traffic generation, SEO, PR, e- money and internet and computer tricks.

We have earn 10,000 viewers for last month. And we are still growing daily. We have good traffic through out the word including high number of US users.

If you are interest in participating this event please contact the administrator for that.

Traffic data of last month

Page viewers - 5500 per month
Google Rank - 01
Alexia Rank- 286,484
Sri Lankan Rank-5,553
Fans in fan page-550 more
Facebook Group - 1100 more

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to get ready for next google Page ranking update.........?

Blog traffic - 11

By this time lot of people discussing about the next PR update of the google. Sometimes you may have some hopes about the increasing of your page rank. But after introducing the products like Google panda and penguin some are afraid that they may have to get penalize by google. However I think that this is high time to concern about your next PR update on end of July 2012, which is doing after the the beginning of May 2012.

What is the page rank...........?

Page rank is a numerical value given by the google search engine to a certain web site, according to the value that has earn by the google.

This is not to criticize any page but to increase effectiveness of search to reader. As google says there are several things you can do to increase your page ranking with out black hat backlinks. And they hope the natural build up of traffic.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to add meta data for individual post in blogger

Java Script - 03

If you have a chance to add meta data for each and every post of your blog it  would be very important part of your search engine optimization. Although Word Press has such features, Blogger has not provided such chance yet. However we are going to discuss how to add meta tags for all the post in your blog. However I prefer to say you that it better to add it into several of your  posts.

Why it is important to add meta tag to post other than page..?

As we have discussed earlier, it is better if you can have meta tags than not having as it gives you good rank in the search results. Also I think you have enjoyed and already got the benefit of  that.But unless you have add meta tags individually, your search results give the description of your home page to each and every of your post. So it is not good in way of attraction to the readers. Because, most of they get the idea of your post by search engine description given to them.

Friday, July 20, 2012

What is the importance of FEED...........?

Way to Blogging - 05

As I gave you list of Sri lankan blog syndicates and  list of international blog  syndicates, some of my readers have ask me how to syndicate the feed some of them even did not know what is a feed. Therefore today my main concern about the feeds.

What is a feed........?

Feed is a continuously updating site of your web site. There, all your are updating is shown. There are several types of feeds like RSS, Atom ..etc. normally all the blog platforms gives you these type of feed but the different is the URL of the feed.Here I'll give you the URL of blogger and word press feeds



eg- if your blog URL is your RSS will be like this                                                                                                                                           

Atom -

eg- if your blog URL is
your RSS will be like this                                                                                                                                                   

Saturday, July 14, 2012

List of international Blog syndicates

Blog Traffic - 10

Today syndication of the blogs have become a essential components of the blogging, as there are huge number of blogs and web pages. Therefore this is very important part of your traffic generation and finding of the adequate amount of daily readers to your blog. If you have not read my previous post, I have given  you list of Sri lankan(sinhala) blog syndicates.

What is the importance of international syndicates........?

In the very beginning of your blog the most important thing is your local traffic to that you have to syndicate your blog to several local syndicates. Even it is a good indicator of having good position in Alexia rankings.
But today my main focus is towards the international traffic which makes your page ranking in high state.

This is the list I am going to give you. Here I have not add any paying syndicates. Sometimes you may have to exchange there links with you.

Blogdigger (link exchange required)
Blogtopsites (log with facebook)
Boing boing
Blog catalog
Content smatter
English Blog Reader

Please be kind enough to add any important URL that you have as this is still a improving list.

Monday, July 9, 2012

List of Sri Lankan (Sinhala) syndicates

Blog Traffic - 09

By this time we have discussed about traffic generation in eight articles. This is the ninth one that I am going to write now. As blogger who was fresh to blogging, I had thousands of problems about traffic generation.May be that is why I have written such number of posts about traffic.As I am a Sri lankan today I am going to give you lists of Sri lankan blog syndicates as it is important to local bloggers who writes in local language.

Why I am giving such list to you.........?

As I mention earlier it was a huge problem fro me to find out some local syndicates to transmit my blog posts to Sri lankan readers. There I had to spend much time to find sch syndicates. After a huge dedication I found some syndicators who gives huge contribution to Sri lankan writers with out any advantage except the pleasure, they get. Therefore I would also get this chance to thanks them and give them a small chance to give a massage to other publishers too.

Here is the list of syndicates I have found during writing my
Medical Clinic (වෙද මැදුර) Blog.

1. Lankeeya Sithuwili Blog Reader  (ලාංකීය සිතුවිලි)

This is the best blog syndicate in Sri lanka in the year of 2011. As this is a blog syndicate which supports to both Sinhalese and English blogs, It is a good chance for bloggers writing in multiple languages. And this is also a good traffic source according to my experience.  To add your blog you have to visit it's home page. Click here to visit the home page of syndi

lankeeya sithuwili

2.Ekathuwa blog Reader (එකතුව බ්ලොග් කියවනය )

This is also a one of the best syndicates which allows you to write in both Sinhala and English languages.To add your blog, Please visit this link below.
Ekathuwa Blog Reader

Sunday, July 1, 2012

20 ways to increase your blog traffic..........

Blog Traffic - 08

In the previous article of me, I discussed about 10 important ways to increase your blog traffic. Now it is the time to discuss other part of my article.

11. Make guest posts enable.

 Guest posts have become very important part of  blogging now a days. May be that's why it has become very popular too. Most of the high traffic bloggers give you a chance to make guest post on their blogs on different conditions. There you have a chance to get back links from those blogs and have a chance to build new audience too. Therefore you are advise to make guest posts in other blogs. Even in my blog I have provide you some chance to make guest posts.

12. Make comments in others posts.

If you see high rank blog there are huge number of comments. That's not because of their importance sometime, but because of the popularity they have gained. Therefore it is advisable for you to make comments in other blogs. Also it is important to make comments in low ranked blogs even. Because they may consider about you and give re-comments to you.