Friday, June 1, 2012

What is blog traffic

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What is called traffic......?

As a general traffic is a number of traffic entering into curtain place. This is specially used in related to vehicles. However in the internet usage, we consider traffic as the number of visitors per curtain page or site. So, it is a good indicator of popularity of the site.

Importance of traffic......?

1.Blog traffic is the primary indicator of your blog ranking.

       According the blog ranking sites like Google, Alexa one of the primary indicator for blog ranking is it's traffic. Therefore if you want to have good rank among other sites, it is important to have good traffic as same as the other indicators.


2.To get good position in the search engines.

       As all we know, there are huge number of search results related to one key word. But sometimes it is not rare that having unrelated or less related web sites in higher state even though there are much important and relevant sites in low state. One of the most important thin here is the traffic.

3.To get more money by AdSense.

       If you have registered to e money programs like AdSense, you may already now the importance of the traffic that you have. It is not only for the money making but also to registering to them. If you have huge traffic like 1,000 -10.000 you may get more ads. Also you can get more money even without much dedication for your blog.


4.To attract more viewer.

        To get book marks by visitors it is important to make a good impressing on them. Sometimes it depend on the number of visitors. Because it is a indicator of reliability and importance of your posts.


5.To get more followers.

        It is important for other bloggers to follow a blog page with high traffic other than low traffic as it gives them more value by showing them on popular site.



6.To win the competition between bloggers.

        As same as above factors this is also primarily depends on you traffic though  the content may be concerned lot.

#There are much more importance though those have not mentioned here.

At last you may willing to know the ways and means of increase the traffic. Therefore I will discuss them in next few posts.


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