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Facebook as a traffic source

Blog traffic - 03

  Social networks......?

Though there are number of social networks, It is much easier and effective to use most popular networks. However to reduce spams and notifications to your private account you have to use another profile with separate e-mail account. Here we are more concern about the facebook and twitter today.

Facebook as a blog helper.........

According to facebook rules you can add up to 5000 friends. As we know adding such number of persons to your personal account make if difficult to use it. However, if you have separate account you can add maximum friends. If you have more friends you can get more benefits.

Trips to use facebook as a traffic source.

1.Create a fan page.

Making a fan page give you chance to improve your fans.If you can add the fan page to blog, it give you chance to add followers directly. By posting the post links directly on fan page may help to contact your fans easily and give them the maximum benefit as they often visit Facebook than other sites. If you are interest in having more fans read following article and have a nice set of tips to increase your fans.
10 tips to get more fans for your page....

2.Create a facebook group.

Making a group also a important part in facebook promotion. Because groups are more accessible for users than pages. Also it is easy to add friends to it by even to a normal member. Therefore give your concern on making a group too. Other most important thing is exchanging of important details with in the group.

3.Add to more and more groups.

Adding your blog posts to groups give you additional chance to have more viewers. Mot often you can contact bloggers to help your blog too.There are some blog groups. If you have some more please share them for the benefit of all.

blog groups-AdSense ,Flixya , Blogger
                     Ambitious bloggers
                     American Blog
                     Authentic Blogger
                     Blogger :)
                     Blogger's blogging                                                                                       
                     Bloggers network
                     Blogger help!
                     Bloggers Helping Bloggers
                     Bloggers Helping Bloggers
                     Blogger's Point
                     Blogging Lovers
                     Blog directory
                     Blog Post Sharing Group
                     Blog Tricks PLUS
                     Blog Tricks PLUS
                     Blog us
                     English Blog
                     Everything about blogging
                     Favorite blog directory
                     Hindi Blogging Guide (हिन्दी ब्लॉगिंग गाइड)
                     Indian Bloggers in FB
                     I am a blogger!
                     I am a Blogger(^^)
                     I need blog flowers
                     Get your Blog Followers
                     Guest Blogging Group
                     Largest blogger group
                     Online blog reader
                     Pakistani Bloggers
                     SEO linkers
                     Share Your Topics
                     Technical Blogger
                     Technology News
                     Us blog
                     10 Million Traffic

Sinhalese blog groups-blog readers and writer's(බ්ලොග් කියවන්නන් සහ ලියන්නන්)
                                       EMONEY - LK
                                      e මිතුරෝ
                                      Facebook Group
                                      I am a blog reader මම බ්ලොග් කියවන්නෙක්මි
                                      IT හෙල්ප්
                                     Online හෙල්ප්
                                     Sinhala tech blog
                                     Sinhala blog supports
                                     Sinhala bloggers' group
                                     Sinhala bloggers' facebook group
                                     Software ගැන හැම දෙයක්ම
                                     Technical සපෝට්
                                     ශ්‍රී ලාංකික බ්ලොග්කරුවන්
                                                 අන්තර්ජාලයෙන් මුදල් හොයන ක්‍රම
                                     ඇඩ් ක්ලික් කරන්නන්ගේ ශ්‍රී ලාංකීය සංගමය
                                      ඔක්කෝම සින්දු
4.Post your links in all relevant groups and pages.
If you are posting your posts in irrelevant pages or groups admin will banned you. Therefore post only in relevant sites only.There are some groups on Entertainments and e-money. Also you can add to the above groups too.
movie groups- movie group1
                        movie group2
                        movie group3
                        movie group4
                        movie group5
                        English movies1
                        English movies2
                        English movies3
songs-             song group
AdSense & emoney-AdSense clickers
                                 AdSense group  
                                 AdSense group 
                                 AAdSense India
                                 Google AdSense   
                                 German AdSense group
                                 Sri lankan emoney
                                 Top Earn & opportunities
                                 3% clicker group
                                 world of online earning

5.Add facebook like gadget for blogger.

There are number of social  network sharing gadgets available in Internet. You can easily find such gadgets easily. I too have provided a gadget with easy access and introducing. I recommend you all to add the gadget and get more fans and attractive look to your blog.
How to add nice looking Facebook fan box.......?

6.Add a facebook comment box.

You can make a facebook comment box in facebook developers. Get one from there and insert on your blog. If you add the comment box some of your friends will be able to comment as Facebook  users rather than a Google user.

7.Connect your page to blog.

If you can connect your page to blog, it will give nice look to your page. This may include Facebook fan page, Twitter account and different social networks as you wish.

8.Share on your wall too.

You can share the post links to attract your friends. Here, make them as public posts and have lot of readers other than just a link with no traffic generation. If you add a Facebook share button, some of they will surely share your post too.

9.Advertise on Facebook. 

Facebook is a nice place to have advertisements of yours. Because it may be the 1st or 2nd  site according to Alexia. All the users visit there at least in twice a week for various purposes. Whatever be the purpose, it is your chance attract some people.
Thank you all my dear readers. I hope you have enjoy this lot and may get lot of benefits here. If you have some thing to know, please contact me.

For further reference;
Facebook developers


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