Thursday, June 7, 2012

Do you want to add related post gadget..............?

  Way to blogging - 04

 What is related post gadget..........?

Related post gadget is a gadget which influence the readers to see some other posts posted by you that may related to same topic. Normally some templates contain this part in its native form. But most of the time we have to add the gadget. Therefore today I like to introduce you a website which gives you that service free.

What is the important of having this gadget............?

Though the procedure takes only few seconds, the importance of this is very much. Initially as a blogger it gives you attractive page. As I have mentioned in one of the earlier post it is very important. Also it increase your traffic directly by inducing your readers. Except those to there are some more importance too.

How can you add the gadget.................?

1.Just visit the website here

2.Complete the form given.
                                                                               (click on the image to see clearly)

3.Then Click on install link in the guide.
                                                                                 (click on the image to see clearly)
4.Select add widget in page element option.

5.Drag the gadget to below gadget part from side.
                                                                                              (click on the image to see clearly)
6.Save your arrangement.
                                                                                                 (click on the image to see clearly)

Now you can see the related post gadget in your blog too. 

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