Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do you like to make guest posts in my blog .........?

Guidance to make guest posts in my blog

I think you have already recognized the important of guest post. Although this is a new blog, according to the traffic information it seems to be my blog is improving daily with lot of daily viewers. Therefore I though to give new bloggers to get a little chance from this.To get posted your post in my blog you should have write only on below topics and have to fulfill following criteria.

What are the topics You can write on.........?

You can write on any topic mention below and also can write on any topic which may be relevant to this. But before doing so make sure that you contact me earlier.
2.Blog traffic.
3.E money.
5.Computer tricks.
6.Blog gadgets.
7.Java scripts.

What are the conditions you have to fulfill ..............?

1.All the posts should relevant to topic of this blog.
2.Posts should be new and should not have been published.
3.Post should not include much links.
4.Post should follow the order of my blog.
5.End of the post should include your bio details (prefer to use your real name) with link to your blog.
6. Language of the blog should be in simple English and properly write.
7.Authority of publishing the post is with the administrator but, the ownership of post gives to original writer.
8. You should send the post to my email address and after accepting your post we are informing you about that and then it is post. Whole procedure may take 2 weeks.After the post you can also publish the post in wherever you like.

Hope you will get maximum benefit from this chance.....


  1. We appreciate any comments from you......

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  3. i love blog post too but many contacted me when i posted for guest post..but still waiting for it

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