Monday, June 11, 2012

Do the search engine optimization by Meta tags.....

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What is a "meta tag".........?

Meta tag is a tag which starts from the word "meta".Ideally this should be with in the head part of your html. And this has a huge role in page ranking and the searching from the engines. Therefore it is important for your site to have meta tags.

What are the type of "meta tags"........?

There are several type of meta tags used in the web designing. But most of they are not much used now. We only use only few meta tags.
1.Title tag
2.Description tag
3.Keyword tag
4.Robot tag.

Title meta tag.

This is already given by the blogger and we don't want to add them additionally. Important of this is having a good idea on the content of your site. It is important to have good topic which relevant to your site which gives good traffic by the engines.

Description tag.

This is a good guide to engines about your site as same as the title. Therefore it is advisable for you to have such on your web site.This has 3 main actions on your site.
1.This helps to search engines to have a idea about your site.
2.Gives good ranking by search engines.
3.Gives good traffic from viewers.

Keyword tag.

This is a tag with the important key words on your site. Sometimes these may not be seen in search engines. However having a keyword tag also helps to have good ranking.

Robot tag.

This decides to what extent search engines should entering to your site and follow it.
There are 4 types of robot tags.
Nofollow, Index
Follow, Index.
although this tag is not much used it is a very important for you as a blogger.

Warning: Using of these meta tags with out prior knowledge will lead to break your traffic. Therefore get the help for person who knows them well.

We will talk about how to add a scripts  for meta data in next post.

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