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Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Do you like to make guest posts in my blog .........?

Guidance to make guest posts in my blog

I think you have already recognized the important of guest post. Although this is a new blog, according to the traffic information it seems to be my blog is improving daily with lot of daily viewers. Therefore I though to give new bloggers to get a little chance from this.To get posted your post in my blog you should have write only on below topics and have to fulfill following criteria.

What are the topics You can write on.........?

You can write on any topic mention below and also can write on any topic which may be relevant to this. But before doing so make sure that you contact me earlier.
2.Blog traffic.
3.E money.
5.Computer tricks.
6.Blog gadgets.
7.Java scripts.

How can you contact me..........?

Contact me

Most of the bloggers and other blog readers asked me to give a way to contact me to exchange their ideas and experience with me. Now  I am going to introduce me a email address.

Please make sure you don't spamming this email address. And send your problems and guest posts to this address with your contact information like email address, name and problem or post.


Do you like to write guest posts............?

Importance of guest posts

Guest post have become popular type of blog posts among the bloggers nowadays. Therefore I thought to discuss about the advantages of guest posts. However as a nut-sell I can recommended that it is a important traffic source for both publisher and poster.

What is a guest post................?

Guest post is a blog post made by a blogger in a another bloggers blog. Simply it is like a speech made by you in a another ones stage as a result of his invitation. So it is a very important chance for you to show your talents.

Why do you helps to increase others traffic.............?

Normally you may think that why should I help to increase other bloggers traffic. But it is not a true in a broad way. Because, it helps to get more advantage to you than the publisher at the same time increasing his traffic.

Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Script for meta tags...........

Java Script - 02

This is the continuation of the previous post which talk about search engine optimization. Therefore please refer it before coming to this as this is a risky thing if you will not follow the instruction well.

What are the meta tags.......?

As I have mention earlier, there are several type of meta tags.However Description, Key word, Robot tags are mostly used.I will give the tags as follow.

How can you add the script...............?

 1.First copy the scripts
 2.Then past into notepad like document and edit the parts in blue including your details.
     Description here - insert an amazing description for your blog which is related to the blog most.
    Keywords here - insert the keywords maximally by 200 characters.
    Your name here - add your name to the tag.

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Give facebook likes and earn money....

E-Money - 01

To day the making e money has become much popular part of internet users. There are thousands of programs and ways to make money on internet. However to day I am going to give you a important site which has things in additions to making money.It is called SumaFan.

What are the ways of making money by this program........?

There are several ways.
1.You can make likes on facebook to given fan pages.
2.You can earn by just visiting the sites.
3.You can make money by clicking on sites.
4.You can have money by giving refferals.
5.Also you can join the affiliate programs.

How can you join the sites..............?

Just follow the link below and register for the site.  Then complete the form given. You will initially give 1000 credits to use. Then log in and select the Get credit button and select visit pages.

                                                                          (click on this banner to visit the page)

Monday, June 11, 2012

How to add the java script for your blog page.....?

Java Scripts -01

What is java script........?

As we all have experience blogger have give you a chance to add some java script as gadgets. Also you can sometimes enter them into your template although it is somewhat difficult to remove the tag as soon as we want. This is due to the complexity of your blogger template. Therefore it is advisable for beginners to add them in side bars, bottom or top as a java script as it can change easily and remove easily.

How to add a java script for a side bar.............?

1.Click on the layout.
2.Select the add gadget where you expect to get it.                                      
3.Give a title for script if needed.                                                                                  
4.Copy and paste your script from the source you expect.                                  the script and save the arrangement.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  

Do the search engine optimization by Meta tags.....

Blog traffic 07  

What is a "meta tag".........?

Meta tag is a tag which starts from the word "meta".Ideally this should be with in the head part of your html. And this has a huge role in page ranking and the searching from the engines. Therefore it is important for your site to have meta tags.

What are the type of "meta tags"........?

There are several type of meta tags used in the web designing. But most of they are not much used now. We only use only few meta tags.
1.Title tag
2.Description tag
3.Keyword tag
4.Robot tag.

Title meta tag.

This is already given by the blogger and we don't want to add them additionally. Important of this is having a good idea on the content of your site. It is important to have good topic which relevant to your site which gives good traffic by the engines.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

Submit your Blog to more than 100,000 pages

Blog traffic - 06

In my previous article I discussed about the importance of search engine submission with a one special site link.If you did not read it yet please read here. However most of the sites requires payment or at least a link from your site. Today I introduce a free service.


What are the requirements to submit your blog....?

1.You should have active blog.
2.You should have email other than personal one as it generate more spams.

How can we submit the blog.........?

It is very easy as the earlier one just visit the page and submit your URL. This has a special ability to generate index for your web site and also has given you some ability to automatic re-indexing. Also this has a special feature of analyzing your page.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Do you want to add related post gadget..............?

  Way to blogging - 04

 What is related post gadget..........?

Related post gadget is a gadget which influence the readers to see some other posts posted by you that may related to same topic. Normally some templates contain this part in its native form. But most of the time we have to add the gadget. Therefore today I like to introduce you a website which gives you that service free.

What is the important of having this gadget............?

Though the procedure takes only few seconds, the importance of this is very much. Initially as a blogger it gives you attractive page. As I have mentioned in one of the earlier post it is very important. Also it increase your traffic directly by inducing your readers. Except those to there are some more importance too.

How can you add the gadget.................?

1.Just visit the website here

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Web page submition

  Blog Traffic - 04

What is the importance of search engine submission.........?

As we have discuss earlier it is very difficult for new bloggers to get good ranking on search results. But using this it may be very easy for you to have good position. But normally most of the sites requires some kind of payments for that. This is a site with free submission.

What are the requirements to submit your blog........? should have a active feed should have email address (better to have other one than private)

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Way to Blog Traffic

How to detect your traffic...........?

What is traffic..........?

Traffic is the amount of views or the reaches to your blog. It is a very important part of your blog to various purposes. 

How we can see the traffic..........?

You can see your traffic simply clicking the status option in the blog menu.
                                                 (click on the pic for see clearly)                     

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Facebook as a traffic source

Blog traffic - 03

  Social networks......?

Though there are number of social networks, It is much easier and effective to use most popular networks. However to reduce spams and notifications to your private account you have to use another profile with separate e-mail account. Here we are more concern about the facebook and twitter today.

Facebook as a blog helper.........

According to facebook rules you can add up to 5000 friends. As we know adding such number of persons to your personal account make if difficult to use it. However, if you have separate account you can add maximum friends. If you have more friends you can get more benefits.

Saturday, June 2, 2012

10 important tricks to increase your blog traffic

Blog traffic - 02

Blog traffic.........?

Traffic of a blog is a very important part of it. It may be important in different ways to your blog. Specially traffic is the main factor that determines the traffic trank like Alexa rank, Google page rank, and etc. In addition, it will helpful for you to have good rank in directories. I think the most important thing is none of them, it is the daily income of your blog or web site. So, to get more details on blog traffic visit our
previous article .

What are the ways of increasing the blog traffic........?

1.Design the blog user friendly.

I think the most important thing in your blog should be the user friendliness to improve the traffic. Because your users like to visit sites which are attractive and more simple. Therefore design your site always in such way. After that the loading time is very important factor when considering about users. If your site will load very slowly your readers will have to wait for several minutes. Then they get angry and will not come to you again. Other important thing is search engines now specially considers on your loading time. So to get good position on search engine and your users make your page as fast as possible. Here, specially reducing the external java Scripts and gadgets may helpful lot. Then reduce the animations too. Then you will be able to get good loading time.                                                                             

2.Write often.

Writing on a regular manner will help you to get good position on search engines. Also to get regular set of viewers it helps a lot. Therefore try to write regularly. Other important thing is when you write in regular manner some people will catch you on syndicates and be life long readers too. Most of my readers are such people. So go and syndicate your content in following sites.
 list of international  blog syndicates.

3.Write about interesting topic.

Write about a topic, about which written often is not good. Therefore if you plane to make a blog, think about the topic you are going to write several times. Unless you are in a trouble soon in both increasing your traffic and maintain the blog.

Friday, June 1, 2012

What is blog traffic

     Way to blogging - 03


What is called traffic......?

As a general traffic is a number of traffic entering into curtain place. This is specially used in related to vehicles. However in the internet usage, we consider traffic as the number of visitors per curtain page or site. So, it is a good indicator of popularity of the site.

Importance of traffic......?

1.Blog traffic is the primary indicator of your blog ranking.

       According the blog ranking sites like Google, Alexa one of the primary indicator for blog ranking is it's traffic. Therefore if you want to have good rank among other sites, it is important to have good traffic as same as the other indicators.