Sunday, May 27, 2012

Make the blog more attractive

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Why is it important to make the blog ATTRACTIVE............?

I think we already have discussed, how to start a blog. Now you should make it more attractive to get more traffic and good number of followers.However I think it is better you to read previous article about how to start a blog.

I think there are lot of ways which you can make your site attractive. Adding a custom template, adding a gadget and Widgets like JavaScript , Use attractive pictures are some of them.

How to find a good TEMPLATE..........? 

Blog template is the most important thing of that. I think it is like the heart of the human or any other mammalian. All the important things of the blog is in the template. It may be Title, Gadgets, Post etc. So designing of template is very important thing. If you do not like to add custom template, blogger has provided it's own set of templates. You can select one of them as following.

 1. First visit the dashboard

 2. Then select the template

 3. Select customize

 4. Select the template
 5. Adjust other components

 6. Apply to blog

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                 (click on the image to see clearly)
If you like to add custom template follow this steps...                  


What is the important of a LAYOUT.............?

If we talk about the arrangement of blog it is the Layout. it will decide where is your gadgets are situated, where is your posts are posted and etc,
                                                                                                   (click on the image to see clearly) 
As same as earlier you have to select the layout from the dashboard.Then change the layout for any of those. It may be two lined, three lined.... or what ever according to your preference.
                                                                                                   (click on the image to see clearly) 

What is the important of  blog GADGETS.........?

Gadgets are the parts of page which have specific java script and have a specific function according to the script added. Most of the time initially, you are provided  the blog with some gadgets and you have to add further more gadgets to improve you blog appearance.
                                                                                               (click on the image to see clearly) 
Here are some important blog gadgets you need to add to you blog if not provided in basic template
2.Blog Archive
3.About me
4.Popular posts

also additionally you can add some more gadgets according to the requirements

What is important of adding colourful IMAGES.............?

Anyone like see colourful items. But it should not be more colorful. Also large amount of images reduces your quality and increases the loading time which the costumers are not like lot.

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