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How to start a blog

 Way to Blogging - 01

What is a blog...........?

I think you may also familiar with the Facebook, Twitter like social networks. Now Google plus also has added to it. I think it is better to mention blog is also as a type of social network or platform which allows you to express your feelings. In addition some people use the blogger as a way of networking and exchange the data knowledge though out the world.
Also it is worth to say that it is a good earning method too.

How can we start a blog........?

If you fine for any platform that allows you to have a blog, there
are number of platforms which are totally free. I think Blogger and the Wordpress are the most popular ones. So better to use one of them and start blogging.

What do you want to start a blog.......?

First I think most important thing that you should have is potential of writing some articles. It does not whatever your language. Other thing is you can upload photos,if you are good photographer. Or even videos.
Other important thing is the niche of writing. It should be the speciality of yours. Even if you do not have such, you can write.
But at last you should have a email account. I think better to have Gmail if you prefer to use Blogger. But there is no problem whatever your email is.

How you can start a blog........?

1.Just search Create a bog and select one of above site

 (If you prefer other site you are free to do that)
Here I have selected the Blogger. You can even select some other like Wordpress. Any other platform is also okay.
                                                                                                  (click on the pic for see clearly) 

2.Create a account 

You can enter your email address and simply log in here.

                                                                                               (click on the pic for see clearly)

3.Then you will have the blogger dashboard

you can see the blogger start page and you can visit the dashboard from there.

                                                                                              (click on the pic for see clearly) 

4.Then have a template you like to use (this can change later)

By selecting the template you can change you template. In addition to these types. Different people have created various template and you can get them.
                                                                                           (click on the pic for see clearly) 

5.Start posting

start you blog on specific topic. If you like you can use multiple languages. 
                                                                                            (click on the pic for see clearly)

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