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Saturday, December 29, 2012

11 ways how to earn more than 1000$ with Facebook

E money - 03

Facebook is a great place enjoy for most of the people through out the world. They simply chatting, playing Facebook games like Farm ville, City ville , Barn body, Empire & Alliance or Mafia world & etc. But you earn nothing more than the wasting of the time and the little pleasure you get from them. Most of the time what you do is making money for others. So stop it today itself and just plan any new methods for you to earn money with others.

As I mentioned earlier Facebook is a very good potential place if you try to earn money. As we know if we have a blog we can earn directly from the advertising on our blog with Adsense, Adbrite, Chithika, Info-link or etc. But the problem here is you can not earn through direct advertising on Facebook. Because Facebook has not introduced such kind of feature to the Facebook users yet. But it will be surely on near future.

Today we are going to talk about set of such methods.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Best alternative for Microworkers : Microjob sites

Microworkers - 3

We have discussed about Microworkers as one of the best micro-job sites earlier. However the amount of money that you may get from such site may be less compare to Google AdSense advertisements.Therefore today we concern on set of micro job site as alternatives for Microworkers. These may be helpful for you to earn large sum of money until your Adsense account grows. These set of sites may be helpful for you to earn money through article writing, Facebook likes, Social sharing, install software, watch Youtube videos, comments and etc like small jobs.
Register microworkers here

Thursday, November 22, 2012

8 ways how to Earn large some of money with - 02

Do you need find some additional money in addition to AdSense or Micro job sites....? I think earning with URL shorting services is a great alternative method of earn money other than AdSense or other earning methods. Today I am going to talk about a good URL shorting method called . You may think that why I am saying this is a good method. The reason is that Adfly is not a scam and it is a legit site. See is the is a scam...? here.
As mentioned earlier it is a legit site and pays about 4$ /1000 views. Sometimes it may be a dream for you to have 1000 ad views per day. However, with some tricks you may be able to get even 2000 views per day. Even if you do not have adequate number of daily.

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

How to add a image link to your blog post.....?

Way to Blogging - 10

I think we have completed set of simple but important set of articles on maintaining a blog. I think those may be very important for you to have a quality blog. So from start we have discussed,how to start a blog to how to convert it to money making site. So this is about making your site more attractive by adding a image link.

12 steps how to get dramatic increasement of your blog comments in week

Way to Blogging - 09

As I have experience number of comments in new blogs are relatively less. It is even less in good and experienced blogs. So I tried to find out what is the cause to have lack of comments on their blogs. This included my blog too in earlier days. After the huge survey, I have found some reasons of lacking of comments. That includes the ineffective in most of the time, the targeted traffic may be another thing, also lack of social interaction on your blog may involved lot. This is mainly due to lack of comments you do on other pages. So first it is important for you to identify the importance of the blog comments. So then only you are getting good amount of comments. Identification of these reasons may helpful for us to solve the problem. That is how to increase the number of comments in your blog posts.

Sunday, November 18, 2012

Is the program scam or legit....? (has adfly become scam) - 01

While doing research on Internet to find some money making sites until my AdSense account works good, I found some micro-job, URL shorting programs, referral programs, affiliate marketing programs and even games. So I tried to work for finding out are these sites really legit sites or these are set of scam sites where the most people get disappointed. So, today my concern in on Adfly ad network. This is a URL shortening and sharing method and you can earn through those URLs. It is very easy site for work. Then I saw
 Whether is a paying site........?

Tuesday, November 13, 2012

How to earn more money from microworkers.....?

Microworkers - 03

We have discussed Microworkers as a one of the best micro-job site available for newbies. This will be a great AdSense alternative until your AdSense account grows. So today we are going to discuss about some earning tips and tricks on Microworkers to multiply the earning and earn more. First of that you can read the bellow articles on the beginning tips of Microworkers.
1. Do jobs and earn: Microwrkers
2. How to earn from Microworkers

Saturday, October 13, 2012

How to decorate the Facebook chat box with inverted text

Facebook tips - 05

Facebook chatting is a nice place to show your colours to your friend. We have already discussed about important set of Facebook applications, Facebook animations and Facebook, Facebook smiles, Facebook animal codes and further more. Today I am going  to talk about how to convert your Facebook chat into upside downward or backward text. This will be great help to attract more Facebook friends.

This is simple and easy and not only this can be used in the chat box but also can extent into your status also. Then your friends will give more concern on your status in Facebook.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

How to earn from Microworkers.....?

Microworkers - 02

In my last article, I gave you a brief introduction to Microworkers. Today I am going to discuss you about how to perform tasks in Microworkers and earn money. Although there are "Basic jobs" and "Hire jobs", I only consider about the basic jobs as a initial work. As I mention earlier you may have already sign up to Microworkers. If not sign up here to Microworkers..

How to perform a basic task on Microworkers......?

As I mentioned earlier there are two type of jobs you can participate.
1. Basic jobs
2. Hire jobs.
To do Hire jobs you have to earn good reputation on the Microworkers. Unless you will not able to join group works. For that try to do only the tasks that you can complete properly.

Friday, October 5, 2012

4 rare Facebook tips and applications

Facebook Tricks - 03

As I have shown you so far you can use Facebook as nice place to live in. For that  you should know the rarely used but important and interesting tips in your Facebook. Today I am going to talk about 4 important Facebook tips and applications you can use for free in Facebook that make your Facebook profile more interesting.

1. See international TV channels for free on your Facebook.

Normally you can see international TV channels only if you have satellite connection. But it is much costly service and you will have to restrict for only few channels according to your payment ability. But here there are about 60 TV channels all which are free of charge.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

How to increase the Regional Alexa rank.....?

Alexa - 04

If you have read my previous articles, you may have become Alexa specialists already. However there will be several other articles about a Alexa in my next few articles too. These will important to have a nice rank in Alexa, even though it is very difficult to been added to first few websites. Here you have to identify the important tricks that may be missed by others. Today I am going to talk about one of the such trick that is increasing a regional traffic rank of Alexa.

Do jobs & Earn money: Microworckers

Microworkers - 01

In my last article on E-money I discussed about What is Google AdSense and How to deal with it. Now I am going to talk about an another option most of the bloggers used in the Internet for earning money. This is "Microworkers".As name implies you have to perform small task to earn money. For those tasks you will be payed.

Whether  the Microworkers is a scam...?

Before starting a money making business in the Internet, the first question people ask is "is it a scam........?" If so how they will pay and how much you we have to earn before payment.....? Has it done payment properly. According to the most of the workers in the Microworkers it is not a scam site. They have payed correctly and fast. So you can earn money without any hesitate through it. As same as Google AdSense it will pay your payments at the 10$.

What is Google AdSense.......?

E money - 02

Google Adsense ad network is a part of Google. It is a program which helps the web publishers (including bloggers) to earn money through displaying content based targeted ads on their sites.This ads are paying according to per-click and per-impression basis. Google gets these ads through Google AdWord and send them to publishers. According to most publishers, Google ad network is the best ad network. As most of my users are interesting in learning about today I am going to start my set of tutorials on Google ads.

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Add smileys for your Facebook chat box..

Facebook Tricks - 02

How are you show your emotions when you are chatting with your friend on Facebook...? There may be smiles, emotional codes, colored text, Animal codes, Animations and lot of symbols. Today I am going to concern on the set of Facebook smiles. Although Facebook itself has introduced set of emotional symbols which can send  easily, we can add more smiley emotional symbols to our chat box which will surprise your girl friend, classmate or any other friend.

1. Facebook smile - emotional symbol. :-)

smiling face is a nice indicator of lot of emotions like you are happy, you are okay, great, etc. By using this you can make other happy too. Also their problems will go off.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Animating animal code for your Facebook chat box...

Facebook Tricks - 04

As I mentioned Facebook is a great place. There are games, applications, emotional codes, animal code. But all those are only if you have some knowledge on Facebook only. Today I am going to introduce some rare Animal codes for your Facebook chat box. These includes dogs, cats, butterfly,  penguin, shark and several other Facebook emotional codes. specificity here is you can send some animated animals too.

How to use Facebook shortcuts in your browser....?

Facebook Tricks - 01

I think most of the readers here are Facebook fans. But most of them are not aware about the Facebook short cuts. So, do you like to have list of Facebook short cuts. I think most of you will like to have such. Today I am going to discuss about the set of Facebook shortcuts which you can use in your browser.

First of introducing the shortcuts, I have to say that the shortcuts may differ with the browser that you are using.

List of Facebook shortcuts for Google Chrome.

Following shortcuts can use with Google Chrome to the Facebook. If your browser is not supported to these, you may old version and have to update it.

Monday, September 17, 2012

Further preparation for Alexa........

Alexa - 03

As you know Alexa is the one of the best web information program available for web masters. I mentioned earlier that it is necessary to prepare our site for good Alexa ranking. If you have not read "What is Alexa...?" and "How to prepare your site for better Alexa rank....?" I advise you to get basic idea form those 2 articles. We have already discuss how to optimize our site for Alexa ranking. Now we are going to other thing we have to do to get better Alexa rank.

What we have to do for further optimization of Alexa rank........?

1. Change your domain into top level domain.

According to my experience top level domains are more Alexa friendly than sub-domains like, or anything else. Reason why this happens is the friendliness of those domains to search engines. Therefore if you have not get one you can get a domain with special discounts here. Also if you want to know how select a good domain read this article.

How to make own banner for your site.....?

JavaScript - 08

having a banner for your site is very important factor when you exchange your links, submitting your site to a directory ,advertising anything related to marketing even. So  it is preferable for each one of you to have several types of banners for your site. Today I will show how to make a simple banner for your site.

How to select a domain name........?

Way to Blogging - 08

Now you know the uses of individual domain name. So, our next step is to create a appropriate domain name for our website. If you have not read about our "what is domain name.......?" article please read it and get a idea before this article.

When we selecting a domain name for our site there are several very important things to understand. So, please read the article first and identify the things you have to understand and then make them use.

What are the things to remember when creating a domain name......?

1. Appropriate to the niche.

Most important thing that you have to do before starting a blog is identification of your talents and necessities. Unless you may waste your valuable time with the money. Just imaging if you want to start writing about Auto-mobiles you have to get it in to your mind and start writing it you does not need to consider about mobile phones.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

What is a domain name.....?

Blog traffic - 13

Now a days most of the people are interested to know about the domain. because it has become a very important part of the site. Sometimes some people gives more attention to  your content even before the content. So today, I decided to talk about "what is a domain....? ".

What is a domain name.....?

Domain name is a a realm of administrative autonomy, authority, or control on the Internet. Simply it is the way of showing your ownership of a web site. Your domain will show you the reliability of your information and what is your site for....?. To have a domain you should have a hosting site for your site. There are several types of domain names available for your sites.
1. Top Level Domain (TLDs).
2. Second Level Domain (SLDs).
3. Lower Level Domains (LLDS).
4.Sub Domains (SDs)

Wednesday, September 12, 2012

How to prepare your site for better Alexa rank.......?

Alexa - 02

In my last article I mention about "what is  Alexa......?". There I discussed some important things of Alexa ranking. Today my main focus is on "how to prepare your site for better Alexa rank......?".

Why it is important to prepare the site for Alexa rank.......?

Most of the time Alexa contain a rank to all our site, unless it is too young to add like 2-3 weeks. Even though all sites have Alexa rank, it is important to induce Alexa ranking by various ways by making site in a Alexa friendly manner. Other problem with Alexa is that they do not calculate any traffic which will not go through Alexa (tool bar). Due to that unless your users have install Alexa tool bar for there internet browser  you will not get any traffic for them. There are such other problems in the Alexa too. Therefore it is preferable for you to optimized your site for that to have better Alexa rank.

Monday, September 10, 2012

How do make blog template enable for "dofollow" comments........?

Way to Blogging - 07

I previously discussed about how to get mare backlinks by commenting. I feel that most people has realized that and comments on my blog. Also some of them have massaged me about it. I want to say that unless you have commented on blog which have provided do follow comments you may have less value. Therefore most people are reluctant to comment on nofollow blogs. As most of them hopes something more than your appreciating comment like "thank you for your comment". So it is very important to make the comment site of your blog dofollow to commenting people. Then you will get more and more comments.

Saturday, September 8, 2012

Build your blog traffic through comments.......

Backlinks - 03

Now a days blogs has become one of very important part in the global information system. Although most of they do not have much of traffic generating tools or any other automated traffic generating mechanisms, still most of them are getting huge number of traffic. Most of the time, it is more than 500 viewers per day. Therefore it is a huge number and huge contribution to the readers who are willing to have information. Have you thought about the contribution of your comments to that...?
I think your answer is simply no….

What is the important of comments......?

If you think just a bit about making comments on others blog, you may feel that it is a waste of your time. Also some of you may think what is the importance of making others blog popular. Like the article I have written on "importance of making guest posts.......?", you have to think about it in a broad manner. Unless, you will miss your own benefits. Therefore it is high time to remove your selfishness and work together for better service although much of our aim is to make money.

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

What is Alexa......?

Alexa - 01

What is Alexa.........?

Alexa is a web information company expanded up to 125 countries in the world. According to them monthly visitors are more than 6,000,000. As this has become a unforgettable part of traffic and Internet marketing, today my concern is on Alexa.

According to the history of Alexa, It has started in 1996 as a part of Amazon company in the US. After that it has done several expansion up to now to give maximum service to  the Internet users.

What are the importance of Alexa........?

Now a days most people talking about the Alexa rank. Have you see your Alexa rank.....?

                                                    (click on the widget and visit the site to see your rank.)

Monday, September 3, 2012

Wheather Chithika ads are good option for Google Adsense......?

E-money - 01

Now a days, most of the bloggers have trying to make their blog space for more benefits. There first option of most of them are Google AdSense. However, now-a-days most people fails to get AdSense account for their blog as the new restricted policies introduced by AdSense. There some of the countries like India, China have to wait up to 6 month completion of their blog. Also other problem of the AdSense is that that they do not supporting to the blog written in some languages.Here, most of them are move onto other ad networks like Chithika. Today my main concern is Chithika.

What is the Chithika Ad network.......?

 Chithika is a search related ad network . This is consist of several types of ads like;

  • Test ads.
  • List ads.
  • mobile ads.
  • maps.             
According to there schedule, they are paying monthly by pay pay (more than 10$) and cash checks(more than $50 ).

Saturday, September 1, 2012

How to make your mobile supporting for Unicode.....?

Mobile tricks -  01

What are Unicode.....?

Unicode is a character encoding standard that has widespread acceptance. Simply it is the way of using most of the languages of the world. It may be either Sinhalese, Tamil, Russian, Hindi or what ever the language except English.

Even though most of the windows systems in the computers have make to function with Unicode properly, Still the most of the mobile devices are unable  to work with Unicode. If you load such page with your mobile, you only see set of squares. The reason why it happen so is that normal state of Opera mini browser is not supporting Unicode which is the predominant browser of all type of mobile devices like Android, Nokia, Sony-ericson, ...etc. So, now we are going to consider how to make it acceptable for your mobile.

More than 200 Facebook fans per day.....

Facebook traffic - 03

In my last post I simply discussed you about the 10 tips to get more Facebook fans. I think those methods are perfect set of tips to get fans. But it takes time for readers to come to your site and read. Then they have to decide whether it is deserved to have a like from them. But according to mine, if you courage enough you can easily have nice set of people. But today my main concern on 9th tip that is  "Join Some fan exchanging networks on Facebook." Today I am going to introduce you set of exchanging networks in the internet some of which  I have experience bit. But I will promise you if you work hard you can get at least 500 likes with in a week. I also tried only one or two and getting about 50-60 likes per day. I will Introduce them according to my preference. If you can join all of them.

1. Click4fans
I have introduce this site few weeks back in one of my posts please read it. For further detail.

2. Fan Box
This is also a nice application on Facebook which gives you huge number of fans. Here you are getting 2seeds per like and no chance to earn in other ways. Therefore it makes visitors to like in others pages. Then all are succeed. This is very simple and all the likes you have are shown in your profile list. Therefore it is easy to calculate the number of likes you got from page. Truly speaking I had got 56likes in two days. Then all my seeds had finished. Therefore make sure you have save more number of seeds.

Saturday, August 25, 2012

How to add a new template to your blog......?

Way to Blogging - 06

In my articles about blogging I have discuss about following topics so far;
1. How to start a blog.......?
2. How to make the blog more attractive......?
3. What is blog traffic......?
4.  Do you want to add related post gadget.....?
5.  What is the importance of the Feed......?
I think these are not a complex things to experience bloggers. Most of these are for biginners even though I have discussed all the nook and corner of these topic. Even those may helps to experienced bloggers. However, I have started these blogging set of tutorial to give simple guidance to all beginners and had completed most of the simple things yet. After you become experienced on blogging I will move on to blog designing tutorial including Html, CSS, JavaScript and etc. Today my topic is how to add a custom template to your blog.

How to do add a template....?

1. First of all you should have an idea of what you are going to write on the blog unless your time and work will be useless. Therefore if your are a beginner first decide your topic. It may be on blogging, computer tricks, nature, health tips whatever. Only thing you want to know is what is you are going to do.

Friday, August 24, 2012

How to categorize the blog using JavaScript......?

JavaScript - 07

 The new template of Blogger was introduce about 6 months ago. After that we got lot of facilities including different kinds of easy methods to use without using confusing java scripts.Although the blogger has introduced us the facility of making different pages with the same home page, They have not shown that it is working well yet. This is a very important problem all the bloggers have already. Today I am introducing a method to categorize your articles according to headings.

How to prepare for this.........?

First you have to label all your blog posts. This is by just adding labels into all posts. If you want to categorize one of your blog into several, you can do that too.
                                                                                               (click here to preview)

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

How to add nice looking Facebook fan box......?

JavaScript - 06

In last article on Javascript we discussed set how to add a Facebook lie button to a blog. I think it might make your blog nice. I hope you will read how to add nice looking facebook like button to your blog. Today it is in a same topic but in a different approach. I am quite sure that This would help you a lot to get more traffic and like while making your site attractive. So you can try this with today it self with in 2 minutes if you have a fan page already. Unless make a fan page first and join this tutorial after that.

What are the requirements you should have fulfill.......?

1. As I mention earlier post you should make a Facebook fan page first.

2. Then you have to make your template active for Iframe. (To this please read my earlier post on how to add your Facebook fan page by gadget)

3.If you have any kind of Facebook gadget or widget you do not need to add above html code. Please check before you add the Iframe.

How can you add the gadget...........?

1. First go to dashboard of blog.

2. Then select html/ javascript.

Friday, August 17, 2012

10 tricks to get more fans for your page.....

Facebook Traffic - 02

Most of the bloggers like to have a nice fan box in their blog which indicate their fan page. However in the initial steps of blogging, it is very difficult to collect at least 100 fans for our fan page, if we are not very much concern and work for that. Therefore, today I am going to introduce you several tricks to have huge number of Facebook fans.

1. Initially try to influence some of your friend to being added to the page.

Most of the time people hesitate to give like to fan pages as they may be problematic and disturb them lot sometimes. But, if you have some number of people in your fan page, most of them are not hesitate to give you likes. So, it is necessary to influence all the people who coming to your blog / Fan page to give you a like. This may be some kind of influence to them if you have some fans already. To have that ask your friends, colleagues to give you some likes on their fan page.

2.Try to post some of the interesting topic on your fan page.

If you have good quality content on your fan page, people will surely give you some likes to your blog in uninfluenced.   These people are the most important part of your fans and have to keep them intact forever. Unless you miss very important part of your Facebook traffic. But here most important thing understand is not the quality content that you think. It is what people likes on the same topic that people like to see.
   example:- If you fan page is on medicine you can post some medical jokes or things about the weight gain/ weight loss.
If your blog is on blogging just post few posts on e-money, traffic.

Saturday, August 11, 2012

Add your Facebook fan page by a Gadget........

JavaScript - 05

As we all realized Facebook is a nice social network network for all. It is a very effective media of advertising your site through out the world even with out any payment. Therefore today I am going to introduce you a Facebook gadget that helps you to get traffic to your website and fan page reciprocally.

How can you introduce the gadget....?

First of all you have to add the following code to your template. If it doesn't has such yet(if you have introduce Facebook gadget earlier, it may be in your template). This will help to support our next gadget. Therefore it is necessary to add this before all. You have to follow following steps to add this.
1. Go to the Dashboard.

2. Open the template.

3. Select edit Html.

4. Then if you are not sure save the template and proceed the procedure.

5. Then find </body> tag.

6. Introduce following code just above to it and save the template after the preview.

Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Syndicate your blog here...........

Back-links - 2 

 As a site which has a growing traffic everyday I have decided to give you all a chance to increase your traffic. This is through the syndication of your site to the left corner of my site.
At the same time I hope you will syndicate your sites to other syndicates and directories. Here, there are some links available
1. List of Internatinal blog syndicates
2. List of Sri lankan(sinhaleese) blog syndicates


What are the importance of adding your sites to my blog......? 

1. You may get good traffic through out the world as this is a blog which has spread world-wide.
2. You can have quality backlinks with "do follow" attribution. This will increase your page rank.
3. You may be able to promote by my self. Because I am promoting my site through out the world with different social media like facebook, twitter, etc...

 What are the requirements your site have to fulfill....? 

1. This is initially only to English site. Therefore please add only English blogs.
2. This is to give my readers  links to their requirements. Therefore your site should have good quality posts.
3. Banded,blacklisted sites will not be added.
4. The sites should not have posts on sexual contents/ drugs/ crimes except in the manner of purely educational purposes.
5. It is a appreciate, if me give a "do follow" link too.

Tuesday, August 7, 2012

How to add "E-mail me" image to your blog......?

JavaScript - 05

Most of the bloggers are willing to know the use of the html, CSS, JavaScript, and different blog designing models. Due to their lack of knowledge, they fails most of the time. Certainly, this is a situation most of them fail. Even up to learning those web-designing models I also failed most of the time. However today I am going to introduce you how to add contact information to your blog with out exposing your email ID.

This is a very easy method to use. As there are no lots of complected java script or html, it only takes you 2 minutes to modify your contact details.

How to add a image to your e-mail contact........?

1.Copy and paste following html to your blog.

 <a href="mailto:your-email-address"><img src=""/></a>                                                                             

2.Edit the green part of the html with your e-mail address.

3.Post your article.

Sunday, August 5, 2012

How to add more fans for facebook fan page...?

Face book traffic

As all of you know it is very difficult to find lot of fans to our fan pages. Therefore most of the fan pages are suffering from lack of traffic. This may ultimately leads to lack of traffic to your blog too if it is related to the blog. Today I am going to introduce you a important page made by Sri lankan friend to increase your fans. Although there are many automated pages like that this is a very helpful as it is done by our self. Here what we expect is some kind of exchange of fans to your sites.

How you can join...........?

This is going in Sinhala (Sinhaleese) therefore please follow following instruction to increase your fans.

  • First go to my site and like it
  • Then see the images added

                 1. homepage
                 2. Earn money
                 3. Add your site

  • Next you have to register the site using user name and password
                 fans for your facebook
  • Then select earn money and earn some coins through any of the way mention there
  • Last add your site and adjust the coins per click 
  • There is also several other methods like add followers for twitter, see you tube video like things and earn more.

Thursday, August 2, 2012

Google page ranking on August 2012

Blog Traffic - 12

Most of the bloggers predicted that the next update would be on end of July or probably on begging on August. However, yesterday the Google has release their new update and still you may have not got your  new PR. But according to Google they has not finished the update yet.

What are the most proven sites to get PR 10.....?

Google has not completely finished the page ranking yet and therefore it is difficult for us to list the PR 10 ranked pages. However as a prediction I can tell you that the pages which were in page ranking of 9, 10 may in the similar position as earlier except few changes.

According to the last page ranking update following sites were some of the  PR 10 site;
US government site
Abode reader download
Abode flash player download
United Nations
Social bookmarking sharing widget

However the rank of the Facebook, Google Home page were in the PR 9 state. This time these two also may change their position.  Because they also tried to increase as it is a one of the most important indicator on their site.

Saturday, July 28, 2012

Script for 125 * 125 ads on your blog

JavaScript - 04

most of the bloggers has tired with various advertisement programs by this time. There for they are interest in finding some sponsors their self and advertise with them. Today the thing I am going to discuss is that how to add a such script for your blog.I have designed it as a table and this you can use this very easily with out any knowledge about html or JavaScript.

How to use the script.......?

1.First make a post regarding to your advertising opportunity.

2.Then go to lay out.

3.Add HTML.

4.Then copy and paste this html.

Really a nice chance to expand market of your product.....

Advertise Here

Blog Trick PLUS is a web site which gives simple and good guidance for all our readers who are interesting in web designing, traffic generation, SEO, PR, e- money and internet and computer tricks.

We have earn 10,000 viewers for last month. And we are still growing daily. We have good traffic through out the word including high number of US users.

If you are interest in participating this event please contact the administrator for that.

Traffic data of last month

Page viewers - 5500 per month
Google Rank - 01
Alexia Rank- 286,484
Sri Lankan Rank-5,553
Fans in fan page-550 more
Facebook Group - 1100 more

Wednesday, July 25, 2012

How to get ready for next google Page ranking update.........?

Blog traffic - 11

By this time lot of people discussing about the next PR update of the google. Sometimes you may have some hopes about the increasing of your page rank. But after introducing the products like Google panda and penguin some are afraid that they may have to get penalize by google. However I think that this is high time to concern about your next PR update on end of July 2012, which is doing after the the beginning of May 2012.

What is the page rank...........?

Page rank is a numerical value given by the google search engine to a certain web site, according to the value that has earn by the google.

This is not to criticize any page but to increase effectiveness of search to reader. As google says there are several things you can do to increase your page ranking with out black hat backlinks. And they hope the natural build up of traffic.

Saturday, July 21, 2012

How to add meta data for individual post in blogger

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If you have a chance to add meta data for each and every post of your blog it  would be very important part of your search engine optimization. Although Word Press has such features, Blogger has not provided such chance yet. However we are going to discuss how to add meta tags for all the post in your blog. However I prefer to say you that it better to add it into several of your  posts.

Why it is important to add meta tag to post other than page..?

As we have discussed earlier, it is better if you can have meta tags than not having as it gives you good rank in the search results. Also I think you have enjoyed and already got the benefit of  that.But unless you have add meta tags individually, your search results give the description of your home page to each and every of your post. So it is not good in way of attraction to the readers. Because, most of they get the idea of your post by search engine description given to them.

Friday, July 20, 2012

What is the importance of FEED...........?

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As I gave you list of Sri lankan blog syndicates and  list of international blog  syndicates, some of my readers have ask me how to syndicate the feed some of them even did not know what is a feed. Therefore today my main concern about the feeds.

What is a feed........?

Feed is a continuously updating site of your web site. There, all your are updating is shown. There are several types of feeds like RSS, Atom ..etc. normally all the blog platforms gives you these type of feed but the different is the URL of the feed.Here I'll give you the URL of blogger and word press feeds



eg- if your blog URL is your RSS will be like this                                                                                                                                           

Atom -

eg- if your blog URL is
your RSS will be like this                                                                                                                                                   

Saturday, July 14, 2012

List of international Blog syndicates

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Today syndication of the blogs have become a essential components of the blogging, as there are huge number of blogs and web pages. Therefore this is very important part of your traffic generation and finding of the adequate amount of daily readers to your blog. If you have not read my previous post, I have given  you list of Sri lankan(sinhala) blog syndicates.

What is the importance of international syndicates........?

In the very beginning of your blog the most important thing is your local traffic to that you have to syndicate your blog to several local syndicates. Even it is a good indicator of having good position in Alexia rankings.
But today my main focus is towards the international traffic which makes your page ranking in high state.

This is the list I am going to give you. Here I have not add any paying syndicates. Sometimes you may have to exchange there links with you.

Blogdigger (link exchange required)
Blogtopsites (log with facebook)
Boing boing
Blog catalog
Content smatter
English Blog Reader

Please be kind enough to add any important URL that you have as this is still a improving list.

Monday, July 9, 2012

List of Sri Lankan (Sinhala) syndicates

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By this time we have discussed about traffic generation in eight articles. This is the ninth one that I am going to write now. As blogger who was fresh to blogging, I had thousands of problems about traffic generation.May be that is why I have written such number of posts about traffic.As I am a Sri lankan today I am going to give you lists of Sri lankan blog syndicates as it is important to local bloggers who writes in local language.

Why I am giving such list to you.........?

As I mention earlier it was a huge problem fro me to find out some local syndicates to transmit my blog posts to Sri lankan readers. There I had to spend much time to find sch syndicates. After a huge dedication I found some syndicators who gives huge contribution to Sri lankan writers with out any advantage except the pleasure, they get. Therefore I would also get this chance to thanks them and give them a small chance to give a massage to other publishers too.

Here is the list of syndicates I have found during writing my
Medical Clinic (වෙද මැදුර) Blog.

1. Lankeeya Sithuwili Blog Reader  (ලාංකීය සිතුවිලි)

This is the best blog syndicate in Sri lanka in the year of 2011. As this is a blog syndicate which supports to both Sinhalese and English blogs, It is a good chance for bloggers writing in multiple languages. And this is also a good traffic source according to my experience.  To add your blog you have to visit it's home page. Click here to visit the home page of syndi

lankeeya sithuwili

2.Ekathuwa blog Reader (එකතුව බ්ලොග් කියවනය )

This is also a one of the best syndicates which allows you to write in both Sinhala and English languages.To add your blog, Please visit this link below.
Ekathuwa Blog Reader